Press Release

As we continue to evaluate everything that is going on around us, I want to inform you on how we will move forward in Barron County. Over the past few years, we have seen and dealt with many different types of issues and incidents. Each time it was not one person that made a decision. It was not one person that took action. It was a team of experts doing what was right for Barron County and the citizens we serve.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is not any different. There is a strong team continually evaluating and planning to keep everyone safe. In March, when the first stay at home order was issued, the people of Barron County stepped up to keep us ALL safe. Many sacrifices have been made by all of you and we thank you.

The Safer at Home order has now been extended until May 26th. Again, the same team you have entrusted with your safety and well-being is evaluating and looking for a plan of action to keep EVERYONE safe while moving our communities forward. There may be a better way to safely move ahead than what is currently in place. Our team is working with the state and the legislature to see what our options may be. We want businesses to be able to open back up, but we need a plan to ensure the safety of EVERYONE in Barron County.

It is our hope that the legislation and/or the courts address the pending lawsuits regarding the constitutionality of the order and give us some direction. We are working with our
Corporation Council to determine the liability to the county if we enforce or fail to enforce it.

We are asking you all to continue to support each other and us while these requests and plans are being made. There are smart people behind the scenes working on this and trying to do what is right for both the health and economy of Barron County. We will get there, just give us time to plan and set that plan in motion.

As Sheriff, I will make the determination if any enforcement action will be taken as a result of this order. I take the citizen’s rights in Barron County very seriously and I hold the safety of each of you and your loved ones very high.

What we do know is that social distancing, washing our hands and taking our own self- precautions is working in Barron County. We will continue to move forward with that plan and ask you to continue to do that with us while we ask for further clarification and a better plan to safely re-open Barron County and all the businesses that make us who we are.

We are working as quickly as we can to find ways to make this better for us all. Our team includes our health care partners, public health, county government, economic development and many others. We are all working together to do what is best for our communities.

Right now, we have no issues in the county over noncompliance and have been working with everyone we can.

These are most certainly unprecedented times that continue to change quickly. We appreciate your support and patience as everyone works though this together. Please, support one another and keep #BarronCountyStrong. We will re-open Barron County safely, together.

Per Sheriff Fitzgerald and the COVID-19 Response Team

  • Chris Fitzgerald - Sheriff
  • Jeff French - County Administrator
  • John Muench - Corporation Council
  • Laura Sauve - Health Officer
  • Louie Okey - County Board Chair
  • Michael Judy - Director of Emergency Services
  • Stacey Frolik - Department of Health and Human Services Director

Last Update: Apr 22, 2020 4:14 pm CDT

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