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Burnett County’s Emergency Alert System, BEACON, is live.

Beacon Is Here! Sign Up Now

Burnett County’s Emergency Alert System, BEACON, is live. All landlines have been loaded. In order to reach everyone in times of a crisis, we need the cellphone users to sign up and be part of system.

It is free. It is easy. And, you are in full control.   

Go to BurnettCounty.com and click on BEACON – Emergency Alert System.  

The signup form will guide you through the process quickly and simply. If you have any trouble, you can request assistance by dialing the BEACON Help Line at 715-349-2142 or sending an email to BEACON@BurnettCounty.org.

This emergency alert system for the citizens and visitors to Burnett County has been funded through a grant secured by Burnett County Emergency Management. The system will be used to alert landlines and cellphone subscribers to emergency situations concerning the county. The system will alert recipients of a situation, what action they should take, and when the situation has been resolved. Landline holders will receive an automated voice message. Cell phone subscribers have their choice of receiving a text message, an automated voice message or both!   Since there is no limit on signups, you can register all your phone lines and receive emails to boot.

The simplest way to get started is to go to BurnettCounty.com. The top link on the left-hand side of the screen is titled BEACON – Emergency Alert System. Clicking on this link will open the subscription form.   After reading the instructions, the first required information is the name of the registrant. Enter your name in the appropriate blanks.   Next, enter your phone number and choose text or voice. If you want both text and voice messages or if you want to enter another phone number, click on [+Add]. Should you choose to receive alerts via email as well, enter as many email addresses, one per blank, as you would like.

The next section is the minimum recommended list of alerts. They are Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning, HAZMAT Warning, Shelter in Place Warning, Wildland Fire Warning, and Law Enforcement Warning. If you are satisfied with these choices, scroll all the way to the bottom, enter your address, click the [Sign Up Now] button, and you are done!  Congratulations and Thank you!

If you would like to tailor the list of alerts you will receive, continue through the alert options and make the appropriate choices. The six basic alerts are recommended to be enabled 24 hour per day, 7 days a week.   Should you prefer to receive them only during the day or not at all, uncheck the particular alert.

The LIMITED TIME section is where you can sign up for daytime notification of the six basic alerts already discussed. Simply uncheck the 24/7/365 alert and check the 6am-10pm alert.

The WEATHER WARNING section gives you the opportunity to sign up for additional alerts either on a 24 hour or a limited time basis. Should you want to select them all, a handy [Select All] button is provided at the bottom of the left column in the section.

A Weather Warning alerts you to dangerous situations that are currently happening or are about to happen.  Weather Watches are issued when conditions are right for the dangerous situation to happen. After the WEATHER WARNING section, you may sign up for any or all WEATHER WATCHES either 24 hours a day or limited time only.

The last section allows the subscriber to sign up for area specific alerts for those portions of the county they typically frequent. This may be where they live, where they work, where they play, or where friends and family are. Again, any or all locations may be selected.

Finally, the subscriber must enter an address in the county to complete the record. That location can be home, work, cabin, campground, resort, or wherever they spend the majority of their time in the county.   Should you want to, you can even put the Government Center: 7410 County Road K, Siren, WI 54872.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns remember that you can request assistance by dialing the BEACON Help Line at 715-349-2142 or sending an email to BEACON@BurnettCounty.org.

Be informed by signing up for BEACON – the Burnett County Emergency Alert System.


Last Update: Feb 18, 2019 7:35 am CST

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