Beautiful Hearts Rescue and Horse Sanctuary is happy to announce our 2nd Annual Ugly Duckling Trainer Challenge. This amazing event lets local horse trainers show off their skills in rehabilitating rescue horses into awesome working partners.  Take an untrained (sometimes unhandled) rescue horse, a determined trainer and 140+ days and you have the Ugly Duckling Challenge.  This week please meet Tiffaney Kalata and her challenge mount, Stella.

Tiffaney is the owner/trainer at No Nonsense Natural Horsemanship located in Crandon, WI.  Starting out 3 years ago training her own horses, she quickly found out that there were many horse owners out there who needed help.  For the past year, Tiffaney has been traveling throughout Wisconsin and upper Michigan helping horse owners and their horses to become happier working partners.  She specializes in starting horses, ground work and preparing horses to become excellent trail riding horses as well as taking in training horses at her own facility.  

Stella is Tiffaney’s training partner in this year’s Challenge.  A four year old Haflinger mare that came from the kill pen at a Minnesota sale with a case of pneumonia, Stella is a gorgeous young horse.  Considered a special needs horse due to having a cleft palate, she has been part of the Beautiful Hearts Rescue herd for about a year.  Tiffaney has been working with Stella since the beginning of April, starting with ground work and progressing to riding.  Just recently, Stella completed her first trail ride, going 5 miles in 2 hours without a problem.  When asked to describe Stella, Tiffaney said, “Stella is a curious, sweet natured, calm horse.  She is up for anything that you throw at her and has a no nonsense attitude.  She’s the gal who strolls through life without a care in the world.  She’s like a 1000 lb. lapdog!  She will make an excellent trail or kids’ horse.”

One of the most important things that Tiffaney would like people to know about horses in general and rescue horses, in particular, is this:  “Owning a horse is such an extraordinary thing.  They can grant you beauty, grace, speed, freedom and serenity all in the same moment.  The feeling you get when your teammate is a 1200 lb. free spirit is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  But please understand that a horse is a large lifelong commitment.  So when that horse has done its job for you, don’t just throw them away, let them starve in a field or forget about them.  Please find them a good home before it’s too late.  That horse has earned a loving home that can continue to love and care for them the way that they deserve.”  Just like Stella, a throwaway horse who is being offered a second chance at life.

Come out and see Tiffaney and Stella in action!!  The final ride-off is set for Sunday, August 26th, 2017 in Mora, MN. The opening festivities will start at 10 am and the ride-off should be completed by 3 pm. The entire day will be full of horses and trainers showing off their skills along with food, music, and special exhibits.  Mark your calendars now for this exciting event!

Beautiful Hearts Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, located in Burnett County, Wisconsin, has been saving horses since 2010. Registered as a 501 c (3) non-profit organization in 2015, Beautiful Hearts cares for 50-60 horses, donkeys, and mules at any one time. The rescue supports responsible ownership for the entire lifetime of every horse and believes that each horse deserves both a loving home and a gentle, respectful transition at the end of its life. You can find out more about Beautiful Hearts Horse Rescue and Sanctuary at our website or follow us on Facebook.

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