Big Changes Coming For 2020 Shell Lake Fireworks Show!

The Shell Lake Chamber has been busy working on the July 3rd Block Party and Fireworks Show.

Big Changes Coming For 2020 Shell Lake Fireworks Show!

The Shell Lake Chamber has been busy working on the July 3rd Block Party and Fireworks Show for 2020. One of the biggest changes for July 3, 2020, is that the Shell Lake Chamber has taken on the challenges of the fireworks display. We have redesigned the entire show and will be bringing it back to the public beach area!

But first, here is a look back at our 2019 event.

2019 Block Party

The 2019 street dance had one of the best turnouts we have seen in years! We would like to, again, take this time to thank everyone for their support for our July 3rd Block Party Street Dance. It is always a huge undertaking and without support from everyone, this would not be possible.

2019 Street Dance Sponsors

The Chicago based band Sushi Roll was a hit and was made possible thanks to these local businesses:

  • Synergy Co-op
  • Dollar General
  • Shell Lake Auto Body
  • Northern Lake Veterinary Clinic
  • DP Juza Woods and Fixtures
  • Schultz Automotive
  • Xact Tool
  • Soar Services
  • The 715
  • Smith's Auto Body and Services
  • Shell Lake Marine
  • Lake Insurance
  • Klopp's Bar
  • Laughing Goat Food Cart
  • Al's Market
  • Matt's Ice Cream Stand
  • Lakeview Bar and Grill
  • Scoop-n-Brew
  • Lake Place Shell Lake

The show stage was provided by Mary and Dan Elliot of Silver Sheers.

Additional Thanks

Sometimes a group that may get overlooked is Mitch Brown and all the staff of The City of Shell Lake Public Works Dept. This department consists of a group of people who bring more than 40 combined years of experience and expertise to our city. Every year they have many additional responsibilities outside their everyday work roles to help make this event a success. This year they stepped up to the plate and made it happen again with mowing the handicap and senior parking area, marking entrances and exits, running power for the band, moving picnic tables up to the main street, moving all the barricade materials to the designated intersections, and many other tasks that they always make sure to complete every year to make the Block Party possible.

One man who is always working in the background, and doesn't like to be made a fuss of, is Ken Schultz. “This year he was gracious enough to help check IDs that night, even though I joked about it keeping him up after his bedtime,” said Matt Dryden. Ken is always willing to help our community and we appreciate his help.

Thank you to Pat Powers for driving the shuttle that evening, allowing people to ride comfortably from one end of town to the other so that everyone had the best possibility to take advantage of everything the Block Party and fireworks show had to offer.

Tony Schultz and his staff from Schultz Automotive were out the morning after to load all the picnic tables onto trailers from the main street and take them back to the beach area. Numerous people just jumped in and helped move picnic tables onto and off of the main street which was greatly appreciated.

We also want to thank numerous others who just jumped in to help that night with setting up main street and getting the area ready for the evening.

Law Enforcement

Shell Lake Police Chief Dave Wilson said that overall the evening went very well with minimal issues. One of the issues of the evening came from people not obeying the posted signage in regards to detours and people driving around them. Chief Wilson said in 2020 this would be enforced with citations being issued for these violations. “These signs are placed for the safety of our community and need to be followed,” said Chief Wilson.

2020 Block Party and Fireworks Show

One of the biggest changes that you will find for the 3rd of July Block Party in 2020 will be the return of the fireworks to the public beach area. This event change happened because of organizations and individuals who donated $4,400 to allow the purchase of the new electronic firework ignition system. We thank the City of Shell Lake with their continued support of $5,000 for the fireworks show. The high energy band Sushi Roll will be coming back to entertain everyone again in 2020.

After speaking to Shell Lake Fire Chief Keith Dahlstrom, and the decisions made on behalf of the fire department, the Shell Lake Fire Department will step back from being responsible for shooting off the fireworks. Keith said, “We have been very fortunate to not need the fire department to respond to a fire call during the duration of the fireworks show. This decision will allow the firefighters to spend time with their families and be available for fire calls.”

The Shell Lake Chamber would like to thank the fire department and all the dedicated individuals of that department for the many years they have made our fireworks successful and as safe as possible for all who attend.

When trying to redesign the entire fireworks show with a new ignition system and new location, we were fortunate enough to have the support of the Shell Lake Parks and Rec committee and were able to listen to any concerns that they had. We had the opportunity to tap into the expertise of Fire Chief Keith Dahlstrom to make sure we purchased an electronic firing system that would work for years to come, as well as keep the individuals responsible for the dangerous job of lighting the fireworks out of harm's way. Another concern from Keith that we worked on was making sure we kept the public as safe as possible, keeping the required distance a priority, yet still keeping spectators close enough to feel like they were in the middle of the show. “We have to work with many different departments and individuals to make all of this happen,” said Matt Dryden.

The new 2020 fireworks show launch site will be directly in front of the beach approximately 400 feet out. To give a reference, looking at the swim area from the beach, the new location will be just past the farthest swim marker buoy. What is exciting about this location, is that it will open up the entire beach, the huge grassy hillside in front of the pavilion, and all of Main Street for viewing the fireworks. Like anything, the first year is the most difficult to plan for every circumstance, but we feel that we are on the right track for a spectacular evening. As always, we will make the necessary changes and modifications for the following years to continue to keep this long-standing Shell Lake tradition going.

We will be utilizing a pontoon launching platform with a Cobra electric wireless launching system. This new pontoon launching platform will keep the firework hazard far enough away from the public to satisfy all distance rules and regulations. The Cobra ignition system will allow the person launching the fireworks to be 100-200 feet away from the hazard of the live firework mortars, unlike previous years.

Those Who Made This Possible

To make these things happen and get the fireworks back to the lakeside, we had many donations come in from the community.  

Shell Lake Marine, Tom Klassa, donated the pontoon and logistics for the night of the 3rd.

Pictured L/R: Matt Dryden; Tom Klassa.

Shell Lake & Spooner Masonic Lodge #221 donated $1,500

Pictured L/R: Matt Dryden; David Wilson; Shannon Klopp; Andy Eiche.

Shell Lake Lions Club donated $1,500.

Pictured L/R: Matt Dryden; Rob Anderson.

Ignite Dispensary donated $1,000.

Pictured L/R: Matt Dryden; Shannon Klopp; Tim Frey.

LakePlace.com donated $200

Pictured L/R: Matt Dryden; Dave McNulty; Shannon Klopp.

A private donor also donated $100.

Why Donate

As an individual or as a family a small donation of even $10.00 would greatly help in allowing us to improve the 3rd of July Block Party and Fireworks show. As a business, this would be a great time to advertise your business and show your support with one of the biggest captive audience events that Shell Lake has to offer.

If you have any questions or want more information about the fireworks build, fireworks show, or street dance please e-mail Matt Dryden at dryden4@gmail.com or feel free to call at 715-577-0964.

How to donate

If you wish to donate towards the fireworks show there a are few simple ways:

  • Check: Write a check payable to: Shell Lake Chamber and mail it to P.O. Box 121, Shell Lake, WI 54871 in the memo line just write “Fireworks”.
  • Cash: Cash donations may be dropped off at Klopp's Bar at 27 5th Ave or at The Body Shop Fitness Center at 457 Hwy 63 in Shell Lake WI.

Volunteer or be part of the Chamber

We are always looking for individuals and businesses that want to be involved in different events in our community. If you wish to volunteer or become part of the Shell Lake Chamber, please contact Shannon Klopp at 715-468-7457, Matt Dryden at 715-577-0964 or Stephanie Naessen at 715-468-7679.

- Matt Dryden, Vice President, Shell Lake Chamber

Last Update: Jan 13, 2020 3:14 pm CST

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