SPOONER -- Several businesses in Spooner are playing their version of musical chairs with Spooner Eye Care moving to their new location on the corner of highway 70 and 53 under a new name and with new owners.

After a devastating fire destroyed much of the Washburn County Humane Society's building, they've found a permanent location that's conveniently across the street from the new dog park on Roundhouse Road, which was formerly the home of BioActive Nutrients since 2002.

Owner. President and CEO of BioActive Nutrients, Guy Evans, is now located in the former optical location at 130 Walnut and by opening on Spooner's main street, they'll be able to attract foot traffic to their offices, making the public aware of their many nutritional products available to the public with information on all their products on a one-to-one chat basis.

They emphasis that they are not a medical staff, but trained, qualified councilors in the field of nutrition.

The huge business they now run comes from the creation of products that were originally created for only the Evans family by Guy's father, a research biochemist who worked for the United States Department of Agriculture and later becoming a college professor.

Biochemistry is the study of living things at the molecular level and focusing mainly on the processes that occur. They study cell development and how cell structure relates to function and how cells communicate with each other to fight disease and how they regulate an organism's development and how cells metabolize food and oxygen. Many biochemists study how pharmaceutical drugs and foods affect an organism's biology. Some also study how environmental toxins are metabolized and how they may disrupt biological processes.

This man of science often lamented a lack of quality supplements on the market for the use of his own family and consequently developed his own formula.

This new product, BioPlus grew through word of mouth to others wanting to take them, which led the father to encourage his son to get into the business.

In 1995 they took their information and their six products to radio shows that morphed into TV shows which led to massive sales.

Business exploded in 2002 for this new company and Guy build a new facility on Roundhouse Road east of town and it was filled with product and had a complete shipping department to handle the orders that came in after a radio or TV show from all over the U.S.

But the majority of the local public didn't know they even existed during their fifteen years there, never having heard a broadcast and their location wasn't conducive to foot traffic.

Now it is.

BioActive Nutrients have gone online and eliminated the shipping, streamlining their operation and bringing their entire business fully into the age of the internet, making a spot downtown vitally important to the future of the product.

Now's there's an accessible place where people can drop in between 9a to 5p, Monday through Friday to look into ways to improve their health in a natural way.

"Because the foods we eat today," says Guy, "are often picked before they're ripe and then shipped across the country, and sprayed with chemicals, we're not getting any nutrients from them. Or families in a hurry find it easier to eat prepackaged foods, which are also nutrient-poor."

That's why it's so important that BioActive uses the right form of the vitamin in the right quantity, all based on science and all natural ingredients.

Between Guy and his father, you'll find products for boosting your immune system, for getting better sleep, stress reducers, along with products for improving joint health, reducing cholesterol and weight management. Ask for a catalog; you'll be impressed.

With the popularity of juicing, they've come up with a formula called Berry Good Greens which is a delicious blend of certified organic superfruits and vegetables, berries, and greens that come in a powder, eliminating the time and the mess juicing creates.

Each time a new juicing formula was created, Guy would send it to their manufacturing company, which in turn sent them a sample of the finished product. This is how they came up with a really great berry flavor which they all really liked. Not only does it taste great, but it contains the equivalent of eight servings of fruit and veg in one drink.

Guy and his staff invite you to stop by their new shop and check them and their product out. Most importantly, talk and ask questions. You are under no obligation to buy, but if you do, they take all the major credit cards and if you're ordering online, bioactivenutrients.com you can pay with PayPal.

They're on FaceBook and they've been busy updating their easy to navigate website and their phone number is 1-800-879-6504.

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