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Madison -- Representative Romaine Quinn (R-Barron) released the following statement after three bills he authored were signed into law by Governor Tony Evers this week:

I am very proud of the work I and my colleagues have done this legislative session to prioritize rural needs and solve problems that affect everyday people. Both of the bills signed today will have a real impact on people throughout the 75th Assembly District and across the state.

It’s no secret broadband expansion has been a high priority for our district and for my office in Madison. Signing Assembly Bill 344 into law will make it less expensive for small, local internet providers to put more fiber in the ground. This spring, as crews get back to work, the state will no longer impose an antiquated tax on the fiber they are using to connect more homes and businesses to the internet. This year’s budget included historic amounts for Broadband Expansion Grants: reducing costs for providers will help that money go even further.

It’s also important that we make sure that towns have the flexibility they need to effectively fill board positions and take other actions to ensure the town runs efficiently. Among other changes, my bill raised the wage a town can pay to a board member who does other work for the town. It’s common for a town board member to be the only person running the snowplow or removing trees after storms. By raising the cap the town can pay for this work from $5,000 to $15,000, we ensure that necessary work will continue to be done when it’s needed most.

Finally, we took another step forward in updating guidelines for the use of seclusion and restraint practices in schools. These are techniques used by teachers when students become unruly or unmanageable. Updating reporting requirements will help parents stay involved in their students’ education and help schools reduce the use and misuse of bad practices.

I am especially proud to say that all three of these bills had strong bipartisan support. In fact, 94.1% of bills passed in the Assembly were bipartisan, and we will continue sending solutions to the issues the state faces to the Governor’s desk.

Last Update: Mar 03, 2020 5:13 pm CST

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