In response to Washburn County Sheriff Terry Dryden's Letter to the Washburn County Board, Washburn County Board Supervisor (District 6) Thomas Ricci has submitted the following statement to

The Sheriff and I don't agree on too many issues. His assessment of Lolita Olson is something I do agree with. She has been very professional in all respects. In her short time as HR director, she has streamlined the hiring process and has been updating the employee handbooks. In the middle of December, Michael Bobin was going to have a personnel meeting to hear from Department Heads that said they were being bullied from a county employee. It sounded pretty serious to me. I called Washburn County Board Chair Tom Mackie and suggested that he place the employee on paid administrative leave until Mr. Bobin's personnel committee could hear all of the facts. Mr. Mackie told me that he was chairman and that it was his call to make. He thought it was just a “cat fight” and canceled Mr. Bobin's personnel meeting. Mr. Bobin told me that he felt Mr. Mackie had overstepped his authority. Mr. Bobin resigned from the county board after that. I was sorry to see him do that. He was a very knowledgeable Supervisor.

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