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Genesis 2:18-25

Last week we talked about Biblical submission and authority, and how the roles of man and woman are a type of how the Trinity works. This is also another VERY good reason we are commanded not to be unequally yoked in 2 Cor. 6:14 - “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness...?

When husbands act in selfish, harsh, domineering or even abusive and cruel ways, that it is contrary to God’s purpose for them. To act this way will bring destruction in their own lives and in their marriage. Husbands must fulfill the NT commands to love their wives, honor them, be considerate of them and put them first in their interests.

Also, with wives, when the wife feels rebellious, resentful of their husband’s leadership in the family, or when they compete with their husbands for leadership in the family, they should realize that is a result of sin. A wife desiring to act in accordance with God’s pattern should be submissive to her husband and agree that he is the leader in their home and rejoice in that.

Then there has been this idea of “Mutual Submission.” This phrase has been used to imply that there is no unique kind of submission that wives owe to their husbands. In Eph. 5:22-24 it says wives are to be subject to husbands, but husbands are never told to be subject to wives. In fact, Paul tells wives to be subject “to your OWN husbands,” not to everyone in the Church or to other husbands!

I also hear some people use the justification in this and other like matters, that Paul AND THE OTHER DISCIPLES were talking to the people of their day, and women were treated like slaves, second hand citizens, or like they didn’t even exist in that day, and that was the audience they were speaking to, and that doesn’t really apply to us today. What those people are saying is that there are parts of Scripture which weren’t inspired by God and that God didn’t know that people in the future would be reading it. I also argue that all cultures at that time dealt with women in different ways, so would it then not apply to the existing cultures where women did play a different role? No, once again, too many try to twist Scripture to fit their own meaning.

Let me end this section on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood with this. The reality is that we are in a divine drama on a divine stage where God has chosen to create man this way, woman this way, marriage to look like this - SO THAT - the world would see a loving picture of a groom for a bride. A groom who is trustworthy to lead a bride well, and a bride that loves her groom well. Christ is our sacrificial groom! He did come at the bidding of the Father, to die on the cross for our sins to save us from our sins. The Bible describes Him as a groom and makes it possible for us to be His submissive bride in a relationship where we live to serve Him! Where we can trust a head to lead us and guide us well - And we find our life in submission, and that’s the whole point!

The whole point is to seek Christ and relationship with the Church, and man and woman in their relationship in marriage. This is why when you see this in scripture you will, in your mind and heart, as you have the opportunity, you will fight against ideas and policies in our culture that threaten to undo this, because you know there’s something much more at stake than man, woman and marriage.

The GLORY of Christ is on display in this picture of man and woman together!! So you fight that with zeal because God has designed the leadership of man and the help of woman to display the Glory of Christ and the salvation of the Church, and WE WANT HIS GLORY KNOWN! We submit our heart, our

minds, our lives. We embrace the complementary differences between a man and a woman because we know that a right understanding of biblical manhood and biblical womanhood is essential for passing the gospel on to the next generation.

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