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Genesis 4:1-16 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Part 2

Remember a couple weeks ago we covered 1 John 3:12 and what John wrote about Cain. He said: “Do not be like Cain, who was of the evil one and murdered his brother...” John wasn’t trippin’ or worried that these Christian’s were going to kill each other? He said so many good things about these Christians and certainly wasn’t worried about murder in the church.

So, what’s he saying if he’s not really worried about a murder problem, why does he bring Cain up and point out that he killed Abel? And he says: “Don’t be like him!” That’s not what he focuses on, is it! What questions does he ask about this murder? He asks: “Why did that happen?” That’s what he’s concerned about! He’s going to see something in why this happened that’s really relevant right across the board in all churches! Vs. 12: “Why did he murder him?” End of verse 12, answer: “Because his own deeds were evil and his brother’s righteous.”

He ISN’T saying he killed him because he was bad! That’s not the point. He’s drawing attention to one specific way the human heart works! He was BAD and his brother was GOOD! And he killed him because he was good! That’s what he’s focusing on. What’s going on in the human heart when that happens!? You can be bad and not kill people. But evidently when bad rubs up against enough good there can be so much anger and so much bitterness that I’m gonna get rid of this good and destroy it!! Look at the story of the prodigal son!!!

The human heart that is falling short in some way is so easily angered by people who are making progress where we are failing! We get resentful. We don’t want to be around them because they show off our bad habits, our bad attitudes are exposed when we are around able types! We don’t usually kill them usually, but we have ways of nullifying them! One: avoid them because they make you feel bad!

Even worse than avoidance is to counter or criticize some weak point that they have, because the best way to nullify someone’s goodness is to criticize their badness! Have ya ever had that happen!? Growth jealousy, Ministry jealousy, goodness and success jealousy?? It deflects all the attention away from how they are making some progress better than you are, and if you can just point out that other part then you don’t have to deal with it anymore.

And in none of that are we doing what we're supposed to be doing and humbling ourselves and dealing with our own issues! If ya know anyone who’s making some progress in grace. If they are a thankful person, a humble person, an encouraging person, or a pure person, or a reverent person, or a kind person...and you being around them makes you feel like you might be “second best...”

You know what love does? Love rejoices with those who are making progress! Love is humble, it’s not arrogant, it’s not envious, it’s not jealous, it’s not resentful!

Love sees people growing and says: YES!! LORD Yes! Lord I wanna grow too, help me be more like that Lord! That’s love talking!

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