On Monday, November 13th at the WITC Conference Center through Crossroads Outreach, and speaking for the Northwoods Creation Association, I will be giving a one-hour presentation on “Evolution and Culture.”

Many of us, including many Christians and Christian leaders, don’t understand the connection between evolution and the multitude of the social ills of our culture. In my opinion, evolution has permeated our entire culture. People are seen as another kind of animal with no purpose, and the stronger can take advantage of the weaker (survival of the fittest).

Some school shootings are motivated by evolutionary thoughts as well as other killings and mass murders.

And, in an evolutionary worldview, there is no meaning to life, so this is one of the other reasons drugs and alcohol usage has risen so dramatically, to fill the gap of the emptiness of life.

When I speak of evolution here, I do not mean just micro-evolution, where there are changes within “kinds” evolving, but macro-evolution, where it is claimed that one “kind” can turn into another “kind.” Or, that we came from pond scum, a single cell which eventually, over millions or billions of years, through evolution, became man? The result of random events (genetic mutations, deletions, duplications, etc) that are acted upon through the process of natural selection. The fact that humans are nothing but a collection of chemicals fashioned and controlled by genes. The big bang, and other such nonsense.

I could go on and on, but the basis of my message this week is to ask you all questions. I would like your input on what I just said and ask you for your opinion. I would also ask other questions, like: “Do you believe in evolution? Are you a Christian or atheist or other? Do you believe evolution has negatively impacted our society, and why or why not? Do you believe evolution is fact? Do you believe you need “faith” to believe in evolution? Do you believe evolution is compatible with the Christian belief? Is evolution a “religion” or “science?” And if you say “science,” can it be proven? If you are in school or college now, what justifications are the teachers using to get you to believe in evolution? Do the teachers teaching evolution believe it themselves (I dare you to ask them)! Are you allowed to talk about any other “theories” of how the world or mankind began or is it just limited to “evolution?”

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on these or any other question you may have. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and beliefs on this matter. Blessings to you all.

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