Last week we ended with a list of some of the major doctrines contained in the book of Genesis, and the fact that the Gospel message STARTS back in Genesis. If we have problems with Genesis, we pretty much have problems with everything we believe as Christians.

Let’s cover just some of the major doctrines taught in Genesis:

  • There is a pre-existent God who creates, from nothing to everything.
  • God shaped what He created into various inanimate objects, but then created living things like plants and animals, which reproduced “according to their kind.”
  • God created man in His own image; thus; man – and only man – bears this designation.
  • Man was created in 2 distinct complementary, yet equally defined genders: male and female.
  • From this arrangement God, as a Creational ordinance for those created in His image, established marriage to be the union of one man and one woman for life.
  • The Doctrine of sin – Rom. 5:12 – Adam and Eve sinned.
  • Death – 1 Cor. 15_21-22. After sin it brought death into a perfect creation.
  • Clothing – Gen. 3:21 Why wear clothes?
  • Work – Gen. 2:15 – Ordained by God right from the beginning.
  • Jesus Christ (last Adam), if the first Adam isn’t real, what does that tell us about the last Adam?
  • Most importantly, the Gospel Message – Gen. 3:15. Jesus came, died on a cross, was buried and rose again on the 3rd day. Why did He do that? Because God created Adam and Eve in the garden. They sinned, disobeyed God and God brought death into the perfect world, and the shed blood of Jesus Christ is the only permanent solution for that problem.

Yet in our nation each one of these things are the object of intense opposition; both in our legal system and our nation as a whole. 

What makes matters worse, is that many who identify themselves as “Christians” as well as whole denominations are included!

Ideas have consequences, and when truth is rejected, negative consequences will arise!

The Apostle Paul, when commenting on Genesis in Romans 1, stated that a great exchange occurred after the fall: “The truth exchanged for, literally, the Lie.”

In the context of Roman 1 makes plain that the manifestations of this exchange will center on two areas:

1. Issues dealing with suppressing the Creator’s existence, and

2. Issues reflecting a rejection of creational norms regulating sexual activity.

Paul goes on to say that there will be those who not only “practice” certain deeds but also those who “approve of them” as well. (Rom. 1:23).

We see in America that this type of conduct is approved by courts, in our classrooms, and even in our churches. Each is a battleground.

When the history of Genesis is rejected and its doctrines cast aside, the culture will litigate what has been abandoned.

Take heed the vigor with which the “scientific community” opposes the proposed teaching of intelligent design in public schools as an alternative means of drawing inferences from biological data.

Opposition to this is fierce because intelligent design allows for the possibility that a designer exists.

We also see major assaults against marriage. God designed marriage as: one man and one woman. But today this is under attack more than ever.

Then we have those environmentalists and animal rights activists who are seeking fundamental rights for monkeys, dogs, and even honeybees. Baby animals have more rights than human beings. It’s a crime to kill certain animals and eggs, but we legally murder human babies by the millions.

At their root, these claims reflect a rejection of the image of God in man. Anything – except an unborn child – can be a “person” entitled to rights according to these people. Man is thus not unique.

There is another major battlefront where multitudes are denying the creational notions of maleness and femaleness. We now have “transgender” claims. Many of our businesses and local governments are now making discrimination based on “gender identity” unlawful.

Again, the root of these claims are a rejection of creational norms!

The book of Genesis, because it sets forth the Creator’s design and instruction for ALL that is, including humanity, should be foundational in every human society.

If these truths are ignored, distorted or rejected, consequences will occur, they will be litigated, and if successful, IMPOSED upon society.

Genesis establishes the basic parameters of living on God’s earth according to His precepts and His Word. To reject Genesis is to reject life itself.

Over and over in Scripture, when we take God’s Word and match it against itself, it flows smoothly and perfectly to support itself. Whether it is the Lord Himself speaking, Jesus’ Words, or those of prophets, apostles or songwriters and poets. Won’t you consider listening to the Creator? Jer. 33:3

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