Once God created the heavens and the earth, His next step was to start the process that makes the universe function. He did this through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God enveloped it, surrounded it, and guarded over it. He was the creative agent who would oversee formation out of the formlessness and filling the void.

The Hebrew word used for “Hovering” is an interesting word that evokes the image of a hen brooding over her chicks. This word indicates superintending, divine care, and supervision. The same Hebrew word appears twice more in the Old Testament – Deut. 32:11, where the imagery is that of an eagle hovering over its nest; and once in Jer. 23:9 where it is translated “shake” – describing the prophet’s bones quaking with shock at the Word of the Lord.

The imagery also denotes a particular focus on this planet. From this point on, the entire creation account is told from the perspective of an observer on earth. It’s the Holy Spirit’s own perspective!

This planet is the nucleus of God’s creative purpose. It is the paradise He created as a habitat for creatures whom He would make “in His own image.” – the very pinnacle of His creative work! God was involved directly in ALL aspects of creation. He didn’t create some mechanism for evolution and leave the universe to develop on its own. He was directly and personally involved in every aspect of creation! Every bit of it – from the tiniest atom to the grandest galaxy -  shows of His handiwork! It is the work of His fingers (Ps. 8:3).

Everything was prepared now for God to begin creating the various components of the world. God, the source of all energy, powered up the world and began to create a beautiful world in which He would place His special creation.

Can we, just for a minute, try to comprehend and visualize this spectacular creation process just within these first 2 verses!! God: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit bringing into existence matter, time, and energy with mere words…the Holy Spirit hovering over it…Oh the Power and Majesty of our Great God!!

And nothing has changed since the beginning! God still continues to create beautiful things out of chaos! Amen!

Let’s look at Mark 1:32-34 – “That evening after sunset the people brought ALL the sick and demon possessed. The whole town gathered at the door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases, He also drove out many demons…” We cannot lose sight of the experiential factor in the notion “from chaos!” Is such a context as the above verse, the text claimed that even the chaos of our historical life can be claimed by God for His grand purposes!

How many of us feel empty and dark? There may be someone reading this today who are feeling that way now? If you are, let me assure you that He is just as capable now of creating you anew as He was in the days of creation! He is the Way, the Truth and Life. Once you accept Him the OLD has passed and the new has come! Are ya sick of drinking the nasty well water the world offesr us that will always leave you thirsty, or will you take the life-giving water Jesus offers us?

Maybe some of you feel like you’re just fighting for survival? Feel like you’re just holding on by a thread? Do ya feel lonely, crushed, confused? This is not how Jesus wants us to feel.

In John 13 Jesus tells His disciples he is leaving them. They were crushed, their hearts were broke. Then in John 14 He comforts them. “Don’t let your hearts be troubled…” Trust Me, I’m preparing a place for you and we will be together. He tells us the same thing! We are going to be together, don’t let your hearts be troubled. 

How? Verse 6 – “I am the Way, the Truth and Life…” I am the WAY there, just keep following me. John 16:7 – “It is to your advantage that I go away!” No longer to walk beside you, but to live inside you!! Greater things will you do! I’m with the Father and I hear all you say, I hear all your prayers. THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD IS INSIDE OF ME! The same spirit which was part of creation and hovered over the waters! 

You can have the same Spirit living inside of you today. Call out to Jesus today and surrender to Him. God takes the chaos and creates a beautiful thing with a beautiful story to highlight Himself. He takes the mess you created yourself to be and puts you on the path He had intended for you from before the foundations of the world. He changes YOUR story and uses it for His GLORY! He takes your mess and turns it into a message! It’s this simple: Jer. 33:3 – “Call unto me and I will answer you…” Will you call out to Him today? I would love to talk to you if you want to make this decision. You can private message me anytime on my ministry Facebook page. Blessings.

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