Got any questions? I may or may not have an answer, but I would love the opportunity to make these articles about helping others rather than just posting on different topics each week.

Back when I was young I always had more questions than answers, and even when I did get an answer to a question, it seemed, at times, to bring up even more questions. Things have shifted since then in our society, and I believe we live in a society now which has the attitude of “entitlement,” and we no longer have so many questions because we think we have all the answers. We’re not looking for answers or feedback because we know it all. We don’t need to seek “truth” because we know “our truth” and that’s all that matters.

Thus, one of the reasons we are where we are at in America.

I have been doing these weekly articles for a while now and don’t get much feedback or even views. Not that I am looking for that, but I think what I have to offer is pretty valuable. In this hurting world, we need light amongst all this darkness, and it was the light that saved my life.

I’m not going to go through again and tell you my story, as I have done that through a few articles, but if you don’t know it yet, you can go to my website at: and look and listen.

What I want to put out there in this article is that I want this to be less about me and more about you. So, If you have any questions that are related to drugs/alcohol, bullying, cutting, Christianity, the Bible, Apologetics, cults and the occult, church, prisons/jails, etc., I would love an opportunity to answer them if I can.

Just leave your questions in the comment section and I will get to them as I can, one at a time, unless they are related. I won’t use your names in the article, or, if you have a more private matter you would like help with or a question answered, you can private message me or email me at: brian.cole98@gmail. com

If you are not aware of some of the things I have spoken on before, just go below this article to the links for past articles.

Someone helped me come out of the gutters, and I want to make myself available to do the same thing! Thank you for your time and look forward to being able to serve you.

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