Genesis 1:6-13 – Preparing our Home Part 2

And then He gave the earth life!! God said: “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herbs that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth; and it was so.”

Plant life appeared because God decreed it. He spoke it into existence. It was not the accidental byproduct of some chemical reaction. It was not the result of long, evolving, natural processes. It was the immediate result of God’s sovereign command!

This verse doesn’t say that God created some seeds and put them in the earth that they might someday grow into great trees. No, God made the plants! And God made them “according to its kind, and made them not only capable of reproduction, but also ready for it. He created fully matured vegetation with seed already in it, ready to be dispersed.

That same phrase: “according to their kind” is repeated 10 times in the first chapter of Genesis. Absolutely nothing in this section of Scripture – and for that matter, nothing anywhere in the Bible – suggests that any living species evolved from another species. In fact, this phrase “according to its kind” clearly refutes the very heart of the evolutionary idea. And even as long as we have had this imaginary idea of macro “evolution,” where one “kind” evolves into another, we have not had one single shred of evidence for that yet people continue to have hardened beliefs in this fallacy.

Clearly and in plain language, what Genesis 1”11-12 describes is the origin of all vegetable life. All that wonderful complexity – from the carefully balanced gasses in our atmosphere to the incredible means by which plants reproduce – is clear evidence of intelligent design. It reflects the goodness and wisdom of God. It ought to direct us to seek Him where He has most clearly revealed Himself – in the text of Scripture. Anyone who looks at creation without recognizing the infinite intelligence behind it is willfully blind.

God Himself looked at it and saw that it was good (vs. 12).

And then day 3 signs off with the typical formula in verse 13: “So the evening and the morning were the third day.” Of all the days in Genesis 1, the third day brought about the most dramatic changes in the way the earth looked. At the beginning of the day the face of the earth was covered in water and probably had the appearance of a seething cauldron of mud. By the end of the day it was a paradise of green-covered earth, decorated with all the hues of various trees and flowers, set in the midst of a spectacular blue ocean. No wonder God saw that it was good! It was good – a perfect environment for life, and a paradise for the creature God planned to make in His own image!

I will end this section with this thought. There is a video clip on YouTube from 1968 in which the Apollo 8 mission went to the moon. There were 3 astronauts: Frank Boreman, Bill Anders and William Lovell. As they were orbiting the moon on Christmas eve and came upon the lunar sunrise as saw the earth there, in all its majestic beauty, everyone was amazed. When they saw the earth they radioed a message to earth: I challenge you to watch this message.

When they saw it they all said: There has to be a God! When I witnessed the birth of my first child, I remember thinking: “God did this!” When someone is healed, there IS a God. When someone is saved: There has to be a God! It ALL speaks of His glory, His beauty, His majesty and His creation! Look

around you: EVERYTHING is created by Him! Everything exists because of God! We live in Him, we move in Him and have our being through Him. He gave us everything we have. You don’t think that even now He want’s to continue to give you more? Have you worshiped your Creator today? Have you worshiped your Savior today? Have you worshiped the One who gave life to everything and wants to continue to give you life, and to give you life more abundantly?

He carefully planned every blade of grass for all time, so what is His plan for us? What do we need to give up, where do we need to find brokenness and submission before the throne so that He can reveal Himself to you? Jer. 33:3 – “Call unto me and I WILL answer you...” (404)

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