Last week I touched on how the believer is protected from actual demonic forces entering them, and how most all of our battles are those of a spiritual nature, yet we battle against them in worldly ways.

I also talked about how lax the current Church is, especially in our areas, and how, because of that, the enemy is gaining more footholds and the darkness is spreading.

One of the reasons this is happening, (outside of the fact that most people in the Church nowadays are what I call pew potatoes), is the sad reality that many of our churches themselves create these potatoes and are becoming like the world. They are fast becoming places of entertainment and the preaching of a watered down Gospel. Many denominations and Pastors are not only tolerating blatant sins but approving and even advocating them!!!! This is Blasphemy in the highest degree!

No more do we need to look outside the church for satanic practices and where to go to fight the world and evil. We must see it fought in our own churches first! Instead of being a “Set Apart” people, we have become AS the world. 

Some of the practices in the church may seem innocent, and may even be innocent enough, but we need to be aware of them because the devil has a very clear agenda.

I have seen cases of those associated with the Bethel Church in Ca. actually using their own Tarot Cards called “Destiny Reading Cards,” and a special Ouija board called “The Angels Talk Message Board.”

There is scarcely a church anywhere now that doesn’t have “Yoga” as part of the programs offered. And how many Churches actually DO Halloween! 

And how many of our Churches, especially bigger ones, who now have the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause greeting you at the door, or an offer to get pictures with them. I have seen a couple churches even have “Reindeer” and other props at their services.

How many Pastors, Elders, Deacons or other leaders in the church are a part of the Masonic Temple, the Freemasons or Shriners? This is the Occult!

How many who call themselves Christians have something to do with astrology, tarot cards, message therapy, astral projection, fenshua, horoscopes, hypnosis, Ouija boards, palm reading, psychic hotlines, psychics, spirit guides, fortune tellers, out of body experiences, seances, crystals and good luck charms, and more?

We don’t need to even point fingers at the blatant occult religions around us, or other cults such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, Scientology, Unification Churches, The Christian Identity Movement, UPC, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more. Many of these even “claim” a Jesus, but even back in the Apostles day they warned people over and over in their writings that many false teachers and anti-christs would attempt to lead them astray. There is only ONE Jesus Christ, and that is the Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible.

We need to be clear on some these questionable issues because we also don’t want to weigh on the side of “legalism.” There are 2 kinds of approaches to any possible questionable practices we might take part it. One I would call a minimalist approach to holiness and godliness. The other maximalist.

In the first case, the typical question we might ask is, “What’s wrong with it?”  The other approach is not to ask, “What’s wrong with it?” but rather, “Will it make me more Christ-like?” Will it make me more devoted to Jesus? Will I be more powerful and full of the Holy Spirit? Will I be more effective in prayer because of it? Will it make me bolder in my witness or weaken me? Will it help me be spiritually discerning of the ways of Satan in the world and will it help me lay up treasures in heaven? Will it help me find joy in God and all that He is for me in Jesus?

So, these are the two approaches to our decisions. We want to make our lives about gaining godliness and holiness and by drawing nearer to God, and the other one is just trying to do as many things as we can without sinning. Whatever we do should be done for God’s glory (1 Cor. 10:31).

As Christians, we should always exercise caution and pray discernment regarding involvement in anything we do. The Bible always trumps the world and is usually pretty clear on many things we shouldn’t get involved in. Remember, the enemy is always searching for victims whom he can turn away from God (1 Peter 5:8).

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