I saw a post on Facebook the other day that really made me think. It was a picture of a blank page in a book and had the statement: “Every new day is a blank page of your book waiting to be written.”

As I look back on many of the posts I have seen on Facebook, and real-life statements by people over the last year, I realize that, like myself so many years ago, these people are NOT the authors of their own book! They are allowing “Biographies” to be written about their lives. A “Biography” is an account of someone’s life written by someone else.

“Auto-biographies are an account of a person’s life written by that person. What I see happening in these people’s lives is that they are allowing other people to be the authors of their books! 

I have been in so many treatment centers, CGIP groups, anger management groups, etc… in my life, that there are many terms I have heard so much that I just roll my eyes at them now when I hear them. One of the things I have heard so many times is the statement: “People don’t make you angry, you allow yourself to become angry over the things they say or do to you.”

But, there is a truth to that which goes along with this whole “who’s the author” thing. The reality is that so many people DO allow others to define their life for them! The reality is that when we allow someone to make us angry, we DO give them authority over our lives. We give people authority anytime we allow them to take us out of our happiness or our comfort zone. We even allow circumstances and situations to define our lives, things that, most of the time, we even have control over! But even if we don’t, is there still reason to allow “something” to make the decision for us on how we feel, act, or live?

Some people, like myself, have been told things for so long when we were young, that we allowed those things to define the rest of our lives. When someone has bad things happen to them, they allow that “situation” to control the rest of their lives. Whatever the circumstance, situation, or person: It is ultimately YOU who makes the choice of whether you allow those things and people to define your day or your life, or you keep control of it yourself. Will you allow that thing, situation, or person write a biography about you, or will you keep control and write your own autobiography?

This is one of the awesome things about those who are born again believers and followers of Jesus Christ. We have biographies and autobiographies. My story was already written by the Creator. I find my identity in Him! I died with Him, rose with him, and He lives in me. Yet He gives me the opportunity to write my own autobiography. He gave me the book, the pen, and the freedom to write my own story based on who He created me to be. 

Are there times when I allow people and things to alter the story? Of course, but He not only gave me the ability to re-write new pages, but He gave me a HUGE eraser. That eraser is His forgiveness, Mercy, and Grace which I need every day! 

Who is writing your book today? Who is the author? Is it a biography or autobiography?  Who’s defining your life? Really!? Take back the pen!!! Better yet, read THE BOOK, the Bible, call unto Him today if you haven’t already done so, and allow Him to be the author of your life!!

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