Brickfield Brewing is making great progress toward what they hope will be a mid-summer opening of their downtown Grantsburg business. Now they are looking to hire their first employee.

Experienced Brewer needed

Brickfield Brewing is seeking to hire a brewer. They are accepting applications by email only. For more information on the position, click on this link:

In February, the U.S. Treasury Department's Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Bureau approved Brickfield’s application to operate a licensed brewery. They expect their state brewery permit to be approved in the next couple weeks.

Local suppliers

Owners Ben and Nicki Peterson are using all local contractors to provide construction, labor, materials, building design and landscape design.

Nicki said, “Our number one goal in this business venture is to help revitalize Grantsburg while offering a family-friendly establishment that locals can enjoy year-round; therefore, we are committed to using other local small businesses for everything possible in order for us to get our doors open.”

Nicki adds, “Our timeline changes often, but we would really love to be open by July to capture some of the summer traffic.”

All the old concrete floors were broken up, removed and replaced with ambient heating installed in the new concrete floors.

Old floors out

Over the past several months, Nicki and husband Ben Peterson of Grantsburg and their team of helpers removed tons of worn and unstable concrete flooring plus the broken bricks that served as fill under the floors of the former creamery building. They took down false ceilings and reconditioned brick walls.

Next, they installed an ambient heating system by adding heat pipes and insulation in the subfloor and then poured all-new concrete floors. Soon, the concrete crew will return to polish and seal the floors. When warmer weather arrives, work will also work to begin on renovating the building exterior and the patio overlooking Memory Lake.

The building will also house an office for Nicki’s marketing agency, called “Spry Content.”

Architect Craig Selander (left) and co-owner Ben Peterson review progress on the construction checklist. Ben and Nicki hope to open in mid-summer.

Progress review

Earlier today (Friday, April 13) Nicki added, “We had our first on-site review with [Grantsburg Architect] Craig Selander yesterday to inspect framing before we can start insulating the cooler and adding the glassboard in the cooler and brewhouse room.

“Joel Johnson [Grantsburg HVAC Specialist] started hooking up the hot water heater and we're close to having the in-floor heat running. Western Concrete will be back next week to polish the concrete floors.”

5 bbl brewing system

Nicki said they recently placed an order for a five-barrel (5 bbl) brewing system. A 5 bbl system will allow them to brew five barrels (31 gallons each) or about 10 kegs of beer per batch. They are hoping it will arrive in late May.

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