BURNETT COUNTY -- Burnett County Sheriff Detective Tracy Finch has announced that she will be seeking the office of Burnett County Sheriff as an Independent candidate. 

Tracy said, “I’m running as an Independent because the Sheriff should be an impartial enforcer of the law.”  Finch, age 49 of Grantsburg is a 29 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office.

Tracy began her career working as a corrections deputy/dispatcher before her hire as a deputy sheriff.  Promoted to Detective in 2000, she quickly gained a stellar reputation that extended beyond Burnett County borders as an excellent investigator.  In 2011 Detective Finch received the Jay Balchunas Memorial Wisconsin Narcotics Officer of the Year award for her efforts in a major narcotics case.  She also has been named Burnett County Officer of the Year.  Finch served on the Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators Board of Directors. 

A lifelong resident of Burnett County, Tracy Finch has the skills needed to lead the Sheriff’s Office in its fight to protect the citizens and visitors of Burnett County.  

Among other duties, Finch is the lead investigator for crimes against children.  She works closely with Social Services investigating child physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.  

Finch has several initiatives in mind, including the formation of the Burnett County Drug Task Force.  Utilizing all resources available, Tracy will lead the fight against drugs and crime.  Finch would also like to create a Major Crime Scene Unit by training deputies in specialized areas.  Increasing training opportunities for not only deputies but other law enforcement agencies in the county will provide greater resources to fight crime.  Ensuring that all officers are SWAT trained will not only increase officer safety but that of citizens.

Tracy Finch has already proven her leadership ability stating, “I’ve done most of the jobs available in the Sheriff’s Office, including responsibility for the department in the absence of the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.  Sheriff has been my goal from the time of hire and now is the time to assume those responsibilities.”  She went on to add that common sense guides her decision making. 

Endorsed by former Sheriffs Bob Kellberg, Don Taylor and Steve Wierschem it appears that others feel the same way.     

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