BURNETT COUNTY — Joseph M. Schieffer has resigned as District Attorney of Burnett County where he has served for over 10-months, effective immediately.

Schieffer was appointed to the position of District Attorney on December 4, 2018, by then Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker following the retirement of the previous District Attorney, William Norine, on September 1, 2018.

In a statement sent via text message to DrydenWire.com, Schieffer stated, in part, that he “resigned due to personal issues,” and praised his staff for their experience and intelligence.


"I have resigned as the Burnett County DA due to personal issues that cannot be addressed and still devote the attention to the position that is needed to serve the citizens of Burnett County. I anticipate that the next DA will be impressed with the experienced and intelligent staff currently in place. Regardless of who is in office it is my sincere belief that Jackie, Jean, Jayne, and Vickie are the backbone that will continue to serve the community.  It has been an honor serving and getting to know the communities."

Schieffer was one of two applicants considered by Walker in 2018 for the appointment, along with Assistant District Attorney Dan Steffen. Steffen remained a part-time ADA in Washburn and Burnett County after Schieffer was appointed before taking a full-time ADA position in Burnett.  Steffen, however, recently left the Burnett County D.A.’s Office to accept a full-time ADA position in Polk County thus leaving the Burnett County District Attorney’s Office without a District Attorney or an Assistant District Attorney.

The State Prosecutors Office is likely to send an Attorney to cover the cases on an interim basis until a Special Prosecutor can be appointed.

Last Update: Oct 09, 2019 11:46 am CDT

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