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The new Governor’s Order for mandatory masks will begin on Saturday, August 1st. As the Sheriff of Burnett County I would like to put out a reminder for people to take personal responsibility for your health. We are very concerned with the health of our county and would like this pandemic to end just as fast as everyone.

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My staff has been extremely busy during these crazy summer months. We have been inundated with criminal investigations, drug cases, traffic crashes, burglaries, mental health issues, etc. We do not have the time or staff to directly respond to calls for service for civil violations of the mask order.

Burnett County Public Health will be monitoring the situation. Please utilize the reporting system of emailing or call (715)349-2701, if you feel it is necessary. These avenues to report will be personally reviewed. We want to help the public in any way possible get through these trying times. Our main concerns are higher violations of the law as well as emergency needs.

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Eventually we will get through this. I cannot be more proud of our public, as well as my staff, while navigating through a global pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support. Be safe!

- Sheriff Tracy Finch

Last Update: Jul 31, 2020 10:38 am CDT

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