It was in 1988 when the first Bush and Gilles Furniture Store came to Spooner. Located initially closer to the downtown area, the store grew quickly that it wasn't long before the store was moved south of town into a building that was considerably larger than the original one.

Kevin Gilles has run the store successfully for twenty-eight years and brother Brian, back in their hometown of Cameron, just south of Rice Lake, runs the other Bush and Gilles store that features “motion” furniture like reclining chairs, adjustable beds, and even motorized scooters for the disabled.

Each of their wives has their own store on "Furniture Row" in Cameron; Kathi, Brian's wife, has the American Pride Furniture and Gifts that handles only American made products and Wendy, Kevin's wife, runs Sticks and Stores that features rustic and cabin furniture and gifts.

This year a small crisis occurred in Cameron where the roads are being ripped up and repaired making travel virtually impossible. The work will take anywhere from four to six months beginning in June and possibly going late into the fall.

That kind of news has never stopped this intrepid family from doing business, so they contacted Rice Lake's Cedar Mall, and a deal was reached where all three Cameron furniture stores will move, temporarily filling the former fifty thousand square foot J.C. Penney store. Now shoppers can see all three unique stores under one roof.

The Spooner store and the Ladysmith store will not be moving, but the other three are, each adding lots of new exciting items to the unique furniture, artwork, and accessories they already carry.

If you need further information, Kevin's number in Spooner is 715-635-9646, and Brian's in Cameron is 715-458-4552.

The new store expects to be open mid-June, and when asked what the family will do if this new colossal store is a big hit, Kevin rubs his chin and says he's really not sure.

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