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BURNETT COUNTY -- Charges for possession of child p*rnography that were filed against Douglas Nyren in Burnett County have been dismissed.

Nyren was charged in February 2021 following an investigation that had allegedly revealed the presence of images of child p*rnography on a device belonging to Nyren. A criminal complaint was filed against Nyren charging him with 5 counts of Class D Felony Possession of Child P*rnography.

Online circuit court records show that the case against Nyren was scheduled for a jury trial in July 2022, however, a Motion to Dismiss has been filed by the Burnett County District Attorney's Office.

The Motion to Dismiss states that based on a new report from the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation, “The State will not be able to prove the images of child p*rnography in this criminal complaint were knowingly possessed by Douglas Nyren due to where the images were located on the hard drive, accessibility of the images on the hard drive, and the information contained within the metadata of the files themselves. None of the images can be connected to any time period or account in which Douglas Nyren accessed the hard drive and other people also used the computer.”

The case was subsequently dismissed by the Hon. Melissia Mogen.

Last Update: Jun 25, 2022 8:06 am CDT

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