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CCF Bank of Spooner generously donates $14,500 and partners with Community First of Washburn County to provide support to local businesses and community members in need.

SPOONER, WI -- Community First of Washburn County (CFWC) was established at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as a coalition between major county organizations: including Washburn County Department of Health and Human Services, Mental Health Task Force of Washburn County, Spooner Memorial Library, Lakeland Family Resource Center, Spooner Cares volunteer network, Faith in Action, Spooner Health, community youth volunteers, and the Community Alliance for Prevention.

Initial funding for the coalition was provided by a generous grant from Marshfield Clinic. Through a collaborative process between key constituents, the vision of Community First of Washburn County was created, “Together, identify and address current and future needs in Washburn County in order to build a stronger, healthier, and more resilient community.” Through this vision, key programs were created:

  • Care Packages: packages include essential needs and care products, as well as notes of encouragement and coloring pages from community families and individuals.
  • Supplemental Meals: providing up to 125 meals from local restaurants seven days a week to those most affected by COVID-19.

Community First of Washburn County has been graciously supported by community members and local businesses in a variety of ways. One local business went above and beyond to support the sustainability of CFWC’s efforts. A generous monetary donation of $14,500 was provided to CFWC by Citizens Community Federal (CCF) Bank of Spooner.

The impact of CCF’s donation has significantly increased the amount of supplies available to our community members and the duration in which we can continue serving our community; the impact of their donations will allow us to purchase 2,415 meals from local restaurants and provide those through our expansive volunteer team to Washburn County residents.

CCF has stood by their mission of “making more possible” in a big way through their recognition and support of our efforts.

We encourage everyone to visit their website at or on facebook @CitizensCommunityFederal to learn more about CCF’s dedication to the communities they serve.

Thank you CCF for your support. Our community is stronger because of partners like you.

[Pictured: Drew Temple (left), Program Manager for Community First of Washburn County, accepts the donation from Josh Villella (right), Vice President of Commercial Banking in Spooner.]

Last Update: May 18, 2020 9:21 am CDT

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