MASON, WI -- Chanz Green, local business owner and former Utilities Manager for the City of Ashland, is announcing his candidacy for the 74th Assembly District.

“As a small business owner, avid outdoorsman, and former Utilities Manager for the City of Ashland, I know what issues our area is facing,” said Green. "Our needs and values differ from Madison’s, and we need someone who knows that. I want to address those issues and stand up for our values. I am running for Assembly to represent you in Madison and with your help, make northern Wisconsin’s voice heard down at the capitol."

Chanz has 15 years of public works experience, including 8 years of management. He also owns two small businesses in the area and oversees everything from finances, marketing and advertising to daily operations. Chanz is the former Utilities Manager for the City of Ashland and has been involved in the actions taken to address sewer overflows. These actions have resulted in almost 2 years without an overflow. Chanz is also a former volunteer fire fighter for his former township, Apple River Fire Department.

“I look forward to meeting the people of the 74th Assembly District and listening to their concerns and learning more about the issues that impact their daily lives. I want to get to know the area we call home, and the people that make it home,” added Green. "The small towns or northern Wisconsin have gone unheard for far too long. I look forward to being that voice and showing Madison what Northern Wisconsin has to offer."

Last Update: Apr 11, 2022 9:31 am CDT

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