Charges Filed After Authorities Locate Marijuana Grow Operation In Washburn County

Multiple felony charges have been filed against a Shell Lake, WI man

Charges Filed After Authorities Locate Marijuana Grow Operation In Washburn County

WASHBURN COUNTY -- Felony charges have been filed against a Shell Lake, WI man after authorities discovered a marijuana grow operation.

On November 6, 2020, Washburn County Sheriff’s Investigators were attempting to locate Nathan Camp, of Shell Lake, WI, to arrest him on a Department of Corrections Probation warrant.

Investigators went to the Shell Lake, WI address where Camp was reported to have been living. While at that residence, Investigators received information that Camp had allegedly burglarized more than one property on that road. Investigators were told that while moving out of a residence located on that road, Camp had allegedly stolen marijuana plants from inside locked storage containers. Further allegations stated that Camp also stole a .44 caliber revolver and other assorted personal property including tools and antique coins from the two properties.

Items left behind by Camp were found to include a lock pick set and light bulbs similar to those used for growing plants. Evidence was also found indicating that Camp had experimented with creating glass smoking devices.  Investigators were also given a shotgun that allegedly belonged to Camp and which he had apparently attempted to saw off.

Investigators were also told that Camp asked someone to help move Camp’s belongings. Camp allegedly got into an argument with this person during the move and assaulted them; choking them by putting them into a chokehold.

Through the subsequent investigation, Investigators discovered that Camp had moved a number of live marijuana plants to a residence in the area of Trego, WI. Authorities went to that property and located and seized 22 marijuana plants from inside a camper that was set up with lighting and venting to assist with growing the plants.

Camp was taken into custody by the Shell Lake Police Department and on November 10, 2020 Investigators interviewed him regarding the alleged burglaries, the marijuana plants, and the assault on the individual.

Initially Camp told Investigators that he had germinated live marijuana plants for a winter harvest, but would not say where the live plants had been moved to. However, when Investigators showed Camp photos of the marijuana plants that were discovered at the property near Trego, he allegedly stated that he had moved them because he was being evicted from the property in Shell Lake.

According to the criminal complaint, Camp denied taking the plants out of the locked storage container or any firearms. Camp went on to say that he had watched another individual steal the marijuana out of the locked storage container. Camp allegedly admitted to possession of the shotgun that was given to Investigators.

When asked about choking the person who was helping him move his belongings, Camp also allegedly admitted to putting that person on the ground and putting his hand to their throat. The criminal complaint states that Came went on to say that he told the person “ I love you …. I just need help”.

Camp is charged with Class G Felony Possess Firearm-Convicted of a Felony; Class G Felony Manufacture/Deliver THC (>1000-2500g); Class F Felony Conspiracy to Commit Burglary of a Locked-Enclosed Cargo Portion of Truck/Trailer; Class H Felony Strangulation and Suffocation; and Misdemeanor Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property.

At a hearing on November 13, 2020, the Court placed Camp on a $1,000 cash bond. Camp appeared again on November 30, 2020, regarding his criminal charges, and entered a plea of not guilty to his misdemeanor charge of Receiving or Concealing Stolen Property. Camp is scheduled to appear again in January 2021 for a preliminary examination hearing.

The criminal complaint states that Investigators were able to recover some of the property items that had been taken. Online circuit court records do not include any charges for any of the other individuals alleged to have been involved, so at this time DrydenWire.com is not including their identities in this post.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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