WASHBURN COUNTY -- Maintenance crews from the Washburn County Highway Department plan to chip and fog seal WIS 70 from Auto Lane west of Spooner to the Burnett County line. Chip sealing is planned for Tuesday, July 20, and fog sealing is set for Thursday, July 22, or Monday or Tuesday, July 26 or 27.

During chip and fog sealing operations, WIS 70 will be open to through traffic. The work will be completed using lane closures with flagging operations between 6 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Motorists can expect travel delays and might want to consider using an alternate route.

Chip sealing both directions is expected to take about four days. Schedules are dependent on weather and subject to change.

Chip seals consist of a layer of crushed stone placed on top of an application of liquid asphalt to reduce further deterioration of the pavement.

Loose stones will be on the highway temporarily during the initial cure of the asphalt. Once the chip seal has cured, crews will sweep the highway to clear away loose stones.

Motorists are urged to drive slowly and allow additional space between vehicles to prevent damage from any loose stone chips.

Fog sealing is a method that is used to lock in chips by placing a light application of a diluted asphalt emulsion over a chip seal. It is commonly done to ensure reduction of stone loss and add life to the pavement by increasing a pavement’s impermeability to water and air.

Schedules are dependent on weather conditions and are subject to change.

Last Update: Jul 19, 2021 3:20 pm CDT

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