The Village of New Auburn, along with the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office, are excited to announce that the sheriff’s office will be providing dedicated law enforcement services to the Village of New Auburn.  In June of 2017, the Sheriff’s office began providing services in New Auburn on a trial basis.  The temporary agreement proved successful and a two-year agreement was passed by the Village Board.  The Sheriff’s office will provide approximately 30 hours of law enforcement service per week to the Village of New Auburn.  The sheriff’s office personnel have been working closely with the Village Board to determine appropriate dates and times for patrol units to be present within the Village. 

The Village of New Auburn benefits from the contracted service by having their resources dedicated to actual patrol time by the officers. Fulltime Patrol Deputies will primarily be used as well as patrol certified reserve officers.  Neighboring townships will also benefit from having a Chippewa County Deputy assigned to the Village of New Auburn.  The county’s increased presence in New Auburn will place a Deputy near adjacent townships in the event of an emergency.

The goal of the Sheriff’s Office is to continue to develop and maintain a close working relationship with the citizens of New Auburn. New Auburn has always been a great place to live and visit.  Our goal is to keep it that way. Relationships and communications between the County and the citizens of New Auburn will strengthen from the assigned officers working in New Auburn. The Sheriff’s office is able to provide numerous resources and personnel that are always accessible in New Auburn when needed. The Sheriff’s office benefits from the agreement by having increased opportunities to meet our mission and vision which consist of the following:

It is the mission of the Chippewa County Sheriff's  Office to serve the citizens of Chippewa County as well as visitors to our county by providing a high-level of professional law enforcement that protects and preserves the Constitutional Rights of the people of which our Country is founded, which mandates the fair and impartial enforcement of the law.

It is the vision of the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office that this County continues to be one of the finest and safest places to live and visit in the State of Wisconsin. Our vision includes that this Office be a leader in public safety which will ensure the quality of life in Chippewa County. We will achieve our vision by continuing the concept of collaborative problem solving within the law enforcement and legal community. We will continue to provide effect law enforcement by maintaining the appropriate levels of technology, staffing, training and community partnerships.

The staff of the Chippewa County Sheriff’s office looks forward to serving the citizens of the Village of New Auburn in this increased capacity.

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