Editor's Note: Clint Moses has announced his candidacy for the 29th Assembly District. 29th Incumbent Rep. Rob Stafsholt had previously announced he was running in Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District this fall.

Press Release

Clint Moses, of Menomonie, is announcing his candidacy for the 29th district Assembly.

He grew up in Menomonie, WI, went to chiropractic school in Minnesota, and returned to Menomonie with his wife to start a family and a chiropractic practice in his hometown. They have four daughters, a thriving practice, and a beautiful farm where they raise beef and lamb. In his free time, he enjoys being outdoors, at the farm, or attending his children’s events.

“Like anyone, I care about the health and safety of our citizens, the quality of our water and environment, and protecting our property rights. In this time of social media and an increase in human trafficking, I’m concerned with our children growing up safely, and having a good education”, Moses says.

Over the years, Clint Moses has served the residents of Dunn County, both professionally, and on various boards and charitable organizations. To name a few, he was the board chair of the Community Foundation of Dunn County, a past president of the Menomonie Rotary Club, and currently serves on the SDMA school board.

“I decided to run for the 29th district assembly, because most of my days are spent listening to people’s problems. It’s not always health-related, and I feel like I’m a well-rounded candidate through my professional and personal experiences. People in this area want and deserve to be heard and expect access to their politicians, so their politicians can work for them. I am the right person, because I have a broad background and a wide understanding of many of the issues that we are facing in our area. I feel our state assembly positions are part of the grassroots systems of politics where a local person can share a problem or struggle, and the assembly person can sit down with them, and work on a bill that can provide a solution to those problems. It can really make a true difference and a lasting legacy.”

To support Clint Moses, and learn more about his campaign, go online: mosesforwi.com or on Facebook: Clint Moses for WI 29th Assembly.

Last Update: Jun 05, 2020 9:42 am CDT

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