WASHBURN COUNTY -- Community First Washburn County is a collection of local organizations, individuals and businesses who formed recently to help address the needs of our neighbors during the COVID 19 pandemic. Aided by a sizeable donation from Marshfield Clinic Health System, our first goal is to distribute hygiene, house hold and activities in care packages to those in need (locations in Spooner, Shell Lake, Minong and Birchwood) starting this week.

Our second goal is to address food shortages among the elderly, home bound, families and anyone else that is suffering in regards to food insecurity. Our ambitious supplemental meal plan involves reimbursing local restaurants for preparing nutritious meals, up to 125 meals a day, 7 days a week to be delivered (safely) to an individual’s or family’s doorstep. As you can imagine a program like this is costly, especially the longer we are needing to strictly adhere to the Stay at Home order.

This is where we need your help if you are able. Community First Washburn County has initiated an Outrun the Virus fund raiser, primarily to pay for the meals for those in need. We also have Jim LeDuc doing something silly to get people’s attention as all good fund raisers need something quirky.

To learn more about Community First Washburn County, please visit HERE, and Lakeland Family Resource Center Facebook to make a donation or a pledge.

- Per Andrew Temple on behalf of Community First- Washburn County

Last Update: Apr 17, 2020 7:07 am CDT

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