(RedAlertPolitics.com) -- After President Donald Trump called kneeling NFL players “sons of bitches,” more pop stars, NFL players, and NFL owners are supporting these various protests during the National Anthem.

But not all pop culture figures are going along with the shifting tide.

Four-term Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI), known for his role on the MTV series Real World: Boston (1997), told the Washington Examiner exclusively, “I love American football, but I love America more.”

“If the NFL is going to make us pick between the NFL and a love of country, those of us who love football are going to pick our country over that game,” Duffy said.

Duffy didn’t hold back criticism of the growing amount of players protesting during the Anthem, saying, “To think that we have men who take to the field and take a knee when we play the National Anthem I think is disappointing. Frankly, I think it’s disgusting.”

“When you kneel in front of the flag, it’s disrespect to the men and women who served — those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” Duffy continued. “You could have an issue with America, but you don’t kneel in front of the flag that represents so many great things.”

Many Republicans and Trump supporters are protesting the NFL due to these protests, and when asked if Americans will keep watching, Duffy said,”I think more Americans are going to take a break from football and watch something else.”

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