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BURNETT COUNTY -- Direct Access Testing is a service that allows patients to order their own lab tests from a select menu of tests and to pay for the reduced cost up front.

Tamera Kraft, BMC Laboratory Manager, explained how Direct Access Testing works, “to utilize Direct Access Testing, patients can either call to make an appointment or simply walk-in. When they arrive at BMC, they will select which tests they would like performed and pay upfront by cash, check, or credit card for the services requested. After the test is performed, results are mailed to the patients with an explanation of the test. If patients are interested in discussing test results with their provider, an appointment is necessary; results are not forwarded to their provider.”

By design, Direct Access Testing comes with many benefits to patients. An order from a provider to receive a lab test is not required so patients are able to have more frequent testing than their health insurance plan will cover. Furthermore, insurance is not billed for services received; instead, patients pay up front for the tests. This allows patients to assess and manage their health status on a regular basis while taking advantage of lower out of pocket expenses.

“We are delighted to offer this service to our patients. It allows them ease of access to tests they need, as well as decreased out of pocket costs for tests that are sometimes either not covered by their insurance or are subject to very large deductibles”, says Tamera.

Direct Access Testing is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.

For more information about Direct Access Testing and to view the menu of lab tests offered, please visit (or simply click the link below) or call 715-463-5353.

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Last Update: Apr 02, 2021 9:30 am CDT

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