WASHBURN COUNTY — Convicted sex offender Gary S Walton, 56, who has been identified as a person 'who may present a risk to re-offend' will be released in Washburn County on December 3rd, according to a press release from the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office.

(Press Release) — Spooner Police Department and Washburn County Sheriff’s Department announce the release of Gary Walton on December 3, 2019 from Red Granite Correctional Institute.

Walton is a convicted sex offender who has been identified by professionals within the Department of Corrections as a person who may present a risk to re-offend. A decision to notify the Washburn County Community of Walton’s release has been made by members of a core team that review Special Sex Offender Bulleting Notifications forwarded by the Department of Corrections.

Walton remains under the close supervision of local Probation Agents. Walt is also required to follow specific and detailed rules prescribed by DOC including no unsupervised contact with minors, no contact with victims, no alcohol, no illegal narcotics, no entering liquor establishments, cooperate with electronic monitoring, a lifetime registration with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration Program.

Walton is considered homeless at this time and when a residence is determined the public will be notified.

If anyone in the community knows of possible housing options for Walton please contact the Spooner Probation/parole Office at 715-635-5900.

Walton will also be on GPS monitoring through the Department of Corrections.

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