Law Enforcement in Barron, Burnett, Rusk, and Washburn, recently held their annual “Shop with a Cop” and “Christmas for Kids” programs. In doing so, the four area county Sheriff’s Offices have made Christmas a little bit brighter for hundreds of kids and their families.

Each county's Sheriff's Office raised its own funds and held its own programs. Two held "Shop with a Cop" (Barron and Burnett), another held "Christmas for Kids" (Washburn), and one county held both (Rusk).

“Shop with a Cop is the greatest night of the year for law enforcement. We get to put smiles on faces and interact with youth of the county in a fun situation. As I always say I am not sure who has more fun and bigger smile, the cops or the kids” - Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald

In total, the four counties and their programs combined to make Christmas brighter for 464 kids.

“Shop with a Cop is one of the best days of the year. Building relationships and making the holiday season better for the kids and their families is rewarding and heartwarming. The hugs and gratitude make it all worthwhile. The Burnett County community is so incredibly generous and we are proud to live and work here.” - Burnett County Sheriff Tracy Finch

The dollar amounts each county allotted for the kids to spend ranged between $75 and $200 making the average amount of the 4 counties over $140 per child.

“I believe this to be a very awesome program as it allows us to have an early contact with kids and help those that are in need and help them have a positive Christmas.” - Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Wallace

Collectively, the four counties raised over $65,000 via donations and fundraisers throughout the year making the average amount raised over $16,000 per county.

“This program would not exist without the help of the community in donations and it’s awesome to see everyone come together and help families in our county in need.” - Washburn County Sheriff Dennis Stuart

Last Update: Dec 26, 2022 1:59 pm CST

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