SHELL LAKE, Wis. — Tammy Hopke, Board Supervisor for Washburn County’s 21st district, has requested that an election of a new County Board Chair be added to the Board of Supervisors agenda for their next meeting in June.

During the County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday night, May 16, 2017, Ms. Hopke made the request of 'Possible Future Agenda Items' in open session before the full board went into a closed session. Board Supervisors are able to suggest agenda items added for next meeting which the Board Chair, Tom Mackie, can either accept or deny.  Ms. Hopke said that a new Board Chair is needed due to the loss of confidence from taxpayers and the overall low morale of Washburn County employees since he has been Chair. After a prolonged silence, Chair Mackie responded to Ms. Hopke: “we’ll see”.

In a phone conversation this morning, Mackie said that he is still “contemplating” adding this to the agenda but was adamant in stating that this is his decision to make as Board Chair. 

"Everyone thinks the Board Chair has all sorts of power, they don’t, setting the agenda is the most power you have [and] the agenda is mine," Mackie said.  

Mackie also stated that "“Just because one person disagrees with me and wants to remove me doesn’t mean I will just add this". Mackie said that he is not in a hurry to make this decision and that he has "a lot of time to think about it".

DrydenWire has also learned that a petition is being passed around today amongst County employees.  Sources tell DrydenWire that the petition states:

We the employees of Washburn County wish our voices to be heard and would like to go on record as supporting Lolita Olson as Administrative Coordinator and Human Resources director. 

Sources say that this will then be given to the Board Chair in hopes of it making a difference.

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