BURNETT COUNTY — The Court has accepted a plea from Gavine Neuman, of Grantsburg, WI, regarding his charges stemming from the death of a dog in September 2018.

DrydenWire.com previously reported in October 2018 that Gavin Neuman was facing charges of Class I Felony Mistreatment of Animals, resulting in the animal’s death, after the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department received a report on October 1, 2018, regarding a dog being shot to death.

When a Burnett County Sheriff’s Deputy spoke with Gavin about the deceased dog.  Gavin said that the dog had been a nuisance, always getting into the garbage and that the dog had run away, leading another dog with it and so they had to “get rid of it”.

When the Deputy asked Gavin what he meant, Gavin said the dog was shot. The Deputy asked Gavin who shot the dog. After a lengthy pause, Gavin said that he shot Chevy.

Gavin went on to say that he shot Chevy once in the head and that Chevy collapsed and died right away, according to a criminal complaint filed against him. The criminal complaint also states that Gavin told the Deputy that the dog had never been vicious.

At a hearing on August 6, 2019, the Court accepted a plea of Guilty from Gavin, and also accepted a 24 month Deferred Agreement for Gavin.

Terms of the Agreement will require Gavin to:

  • Pay $150 fee to the District Attorney’s Office within 60 days
  • Get a psychological assessment within 60 days
  • Follow the recommendations of the psychological assessment
  • Pay $1,000 restitution to the owner of the dog
  • Complete 50 hours of community service through Restorative Justice

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