POLK COUNTY -- The Court has accepted a Deferred Agreement on charges filed against a man in Polk County Circuit Court following a 2018 incident involving explosives.

DrydenWire previously published a press release from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in December 2018 following an incident on the evening of December 4, 2018, when law enforcement received a call of a male who had received serious injuries while possibly making explosives.

When law enforcement arrived at the rural Sterling Township residence, Deputies found a man with injuries consistent with the information they had been given. The man, identified as Eric Schueller, had serious/life-threatening injuries to his hand and the injuries appeared to be consistent with the manner of explosive contact. Schueller was transported for medical care.

The Marathon - Oneida County Bomb Squad was requested to assist. Bomb technicians determined there were chemicals located inside and outside of the residence that alone were stable, however, when mixed together, would produce explosive material.

Schueller was charged with Felony Possess Explosives for Unlawful Purpose; Felony 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety; 2 counts of Felony Possession of Improvised Explosives; Felony Sell/Possess/Manufacture MolotovCocktail; Felony Fireworks Manufacturer Fail/Licensed; and Misdemeanor Negligent Handling of Burning Material.

Online circuit court records show that a jury trial was scheduled for May 18, 2021, regarding Schueller’s case. However, at a hearing on May 18, 2021, Schueller entered pleas of No Contest to his charges of Felony 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and Misdemeanor Negligent Handling of Burning Material. The remaining charges against Schueller were dismissed and read-in.

The Court accepted Schueller’s plea to the charge of Misdemeanor Negligent Handling of Burning Material, found him guilty, and sentenced him to pay nearly $500 in costs and surcharges. On the charge of Felony 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, the Court accepted a 12-month Deferred Agreement. Additional details of the terms of the agreement are not included in online court records.

Last Update: May 22, 2021 2:40 pm CDT

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