BURNETT COUNTY -- The Court has accepted a Guilty plea from a woman who was charged with theft from the St. Croix Casino Danbury.

DrydenWire published a post on October 4, 2021, regarding charges that were filed against Angela Featherly in Burnett County Circuit Court for theft from the St. Croix Casino Danbury while she was employed there as a supervisor for the player’s club department.

An internal investigation conducted by the casino revealed that Featherly loaded player test cards with money while working and then returned when she was off duty and used the remaining money on the cards to redeem nearly $6,000.

Featherly was charged with Class H Felony Theft Business Setting ( > $5000 - $10,000 ). On October 21, 2021, she appeared for a hearing in Burnett County Circuit Court, pleaded Guilty to her charge, and entered into a Deferred Judgment Of Conviction Agreement (DJOC).

Details of the conditions of the agreement are not listed in online circuit court records, but the records show that if Featherly successfully completes the DJOC, her charge will be amended to Misdemeanor Theft.

Last Update: Oct 26, 2021 6:35 am CDT

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