BURNETT COUNTY -- The Court has accepted a plea of Guilty and sentenced Chance Marlow on a Burnett County Circuit Court charge of Operating While Intoxicated, 4th Offense (OWI 4th) from a February 14, 2020 traffic stop.

DrydenWire.com published a post in February 2020, regarding a traffic stop in Siren, WI that had resulted in felony charges for Marlow. According to a criminal complaint filed against Marlow, a St. Croix Tribal police officer observed Marlow leave the Holiday gas station in Siren, WI in a gold-colored SUV on February 14, 2020. Marlow was stumbling and appeared to be possibly intoxicated.

The SUV had an inoperable headlight and a traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle. Numerous clues of impairment were observed by the Officer.

Marlow provided a preliminary breath test and the result was 0.32. Marlow was taken to a hospital for an evidentiary blood draw after Officers obtained a search warrant for the blood sample due to Marlow’s refusal to provide a voluntary sample.

The complaint states that Marlow fought with the officers while at the hospital.

Marlow was then transported to the Burnett County Jail to be held for a bail hearing.

Charges of Class H Felony OWI 4th, Class H Felony Battery or Threat to an Officer, Class H Felony Operating with Prohibited Alcohol Concentration, Misdemeanor Operating While Revoked, and Misdemeanor Obstructing or Resisting were filed against Marlow.

On October 27, 2021, Marlow appeared for a plea and sentencing hearing in Burnett County Circuit Court. The Court accepted a plea of guilty from him to his charge of Class H Felony OWI 4th. The charge of Operating with Prohibited Alcohol Concentration was merged with the OWI charge, and the remaining charges against him were dismissed and read-in.

The Court ordered Marlow to serve 165 days jail time, with eligibility for an electronic monitor. Marlow was also ordered to complete 225 hours of community service; complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and driver safety plan; and pay over $2,400 in fines and costs.

Last Update: Oct 29, 2021 9:26 pm CDT

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