SAWYER COUNTY -- Two people have been sentenced for their involvment in a break-in at the LCO Impound Lot in March of 2018. previously reported that Vala Quaderer and David Belille, Sr. were both facing criminal charges following a break-in at the LCO Impound Lot in Sawyer County.

A criminal complaint filed against Belille, Sr., stated that the LCO Tribal Police Department received a report of an individual running around inside the locked Police Impound Lot which is secured by a 10-foot high fence locked with a padlock. Near the fence officers found a tire iron, pliers with wire cutter feature and 2 automobile batteries.

Officers discovered a hole cut in the fence and footprints in the snow indicating which vehicles inside the Impound Lot had been accessed. Belille, Sr. was located inside the trunk of a vehicle after officers heard a phone ring and saw smoke or breath coming out of the trunk area of the vehicle while they were searching the area. After officers stated that they were going to use OC spray, a voice responded, “Ok, I’ll come out.” Officers opened the trunk and found Belille, Sr. inside.

When officers went to Belille’s residence, they found Quaderer inside Belille, Sr.’s vehicle. According to the criminal complaint, Quaderer told officers that she had dropped Belille, Sr. off at the Impound Lot and that he went there with the intention of stealing automobile batteries. Inside the truck bed of Belille Sr.’s vehicle officers found another automobile battery, and assorted tools including a flashlight and a long-shanked screw driver.

Quaderer appeared for a court hearing on December 11, 2018, and online circuit court records indicate that she plead No Contest to her charge of Misdemeanor Theft. The other charges of Class I Felony Possession of Burglarious Tools, and two additional counts of Misdemeanor Theft were dismissed but read in. The Court found Quaderer guilty and ordered her to pay fines/costs of nearly $600 as well as $500 in restitution.

According to online circuit court records, Belille, Sr. entered a plea on his charges in July 2018. The Court accepted Belille, Sr.’s plea of No Contest to his charge of Class I Felony Possession of Burglarious Tools and found him guilty, ordering an imposed and stayed sentenced of 3.5 years; 1.5 years of initial confinement to be followed by 2 years of extended supervision. Additionally, the Court placed Belille, Sr. on 3 years of probation and ordered him to pay over $600 in costs/fines as well as $500 in restitution.

Belille, Sr. also entered a plea of No Contest to his charge of Misdemeanor Criminal Damage to Property and was found guilty. The Court ordered 146 days confinement in County Jail with credit for Time Served. Belille, Sr. was ordered to pay over $500 in costs/fines on that conviction. His remaining charges of Misdemeanor Resisting or Obstructing, and two counts of Misdemeanor Theft were dismissed but read in.

Conditions of Belille’s probation require him to complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and follow through with recommendations and also complete any psychiatric treatment/counseling as recommended by his probation agent.

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