According to public record, on August 25, 2017, Joshua Denetz appeared in Barron County Circuit Court and was sentenced on his conviction for Class H Felony Vehicle Operator Fleeing/Eluding Officer – Bodily Harm or Property Damage.

Denetz was charged in Barron County Circuit Court following a high-speed chase on March 25, 2017. reported on the chase, which spanned 37 miles with Denetz traveling at speeds in excess of 100 mph at times.

Denetz traveled through the City of Rice Lake, WI and the Village of Cameron, WI with the chase ending in Weyerhauser, WI. Spike strips were deployed by law enforcement, and ultimately both of the front tires on Denetz's vehicle blew out.

Due to the high rate of speed at which he was traveling and the fact that he was driving without front tires, a Barron County Sheriff's Deputy's squad sustained damage to the front grill, front bumper, hood and windshield areas from metal debris hitting the squad car during the pursuit.

On June 9, 2017, Denetz plead guilty to his charge. The Court has ordered that Denetz be on probation under the supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for 5 years with 6 months of conditional jail time. Other conditions of probation for Denetz include no possession of alcohol or controlled substances or drug paraphernalia; completion of any and all evaluations, counseling, treatment, and follow-up as recommended by his Probation Agent and payment of restitution.

Public record also shows that the Court handed down an Imposed and Stayed sentence of 4 years confinement in state prison followed by 3 years of extended supervision. Because that portion of the sentence was Imposed and Stayed, should Denetz's probation be revoked then the term of confinement in state prison would be enforced.

The court also sentenced Denetz on a second case in which he was charged with Class H Felony Forgery. He will be on probation for 5 years for this sentence also, with an Imposed and Stayed sentence of 1 year of confinement in state prison followed by 1 year of extended supervision.

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Felony Charges Filed Following Barron County High-Speed Pursuit

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 | by Ben Dryden

On March 25, 2017, law enforcement took Joshua Denetz of Weyerhauser, WI into custody after a high-speed chase which spanned 37 miles at speeds in excess of 100 mph.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Barron County Circuit Court on March 24, 2017, at around 11:00 pm, a Cumberland Wisconsin Police Officer saw a red Chevy Impala with a headlight out driving in the City of Cumberland near the US Bank and activated the squad car's lights and siren to indicate to the driver of the Impala to pull over. However, the Impala drove on until it reached the Cumberland Subway store where it parked. The officer saw the driver of the Impala get out and run from the scene.

The passenger in the Impala spoke to the officer and identified herself and also told the officer that the driver who had run away was Joshua Denetz. The officer contacted Barron County Dispatch and was advised that Denetz had an arrest warrant active in Barron County.

The passenger also gave officers the street address of the residence where she and Denetz had been earlier that evening. When officers checked the residence, Denetz was not there, however, later than night just before 2:00 am on March 25, 2017, Barron County Dispatch received a call from a female at that residence stating that Denetz was back and was attempting to drive a truck out of the yard.

The criminal complaint continues, stating that officers arrived on scene and saw Denetz inside a pickup truck which was stuck in some mud in the back yard of the residence. Denetz managed to get the truck out of the mud and sped off, turning east onto Highway 48 and increasing his speed up to 100 miles per hour.

Barron County Sheriff's Department assisted with the pursuit, deploying spike strips on Highway 48, which Denetz struck with his truck, causing a front tire to blow out. The Rice Lake Police Department also assisted, deploying more spike strips and when Denetz entered the City of Rice Lake, he also struck those with the truck, causing the other front tire of the pickup truck to blow out.

The criminal complaint continues stating that Denetz continued to flee from officers, traveling at speeds 'upwards of 80 miles per hour' into Rusk County.

Denetz reached Weyerhauser, WI and attempted evasive maneuvers around some buildings, and ultimately ended up getting the pickup truck stuck in the mud.

A Barron County Sheriff's Department Deputy placed Denetz under arrest, despite Denetz's attempts to resist arrest.

Because Denetz was traveling at such high rates of speed and driving without front tires, the Barron County Sheriff's Deputy's squad sustained damage to the front grill, front bumper, hood and windshield areas from metal debris hitting the squad car during the pursuit.

The Barron County District Attorney's Office filed a charge of Vehicle Operator Fleeing an Officer, Causing Damage to Property, a Class H Felony. The charge also includes an enhancer because Denetz was previously convicted of Vehicle Operator Fleeing from an Officer in April of 2013 in a Polk County Circuit Court case. The criminal complaint states that the enhancer means that Denetz's potential sentence, if convicted of the charge, could be increased from a maximum of 6 years in state prison to a possible maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison.

Public record shows that Denetz also has felony charges in Barron County Circuit Court for 2 counts of Felony Forgery.

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One Arrested After Early Morning High-Speed Pursuit

Saturday, March 25, 2017 | by Ben Dryden

Area law enforcement worked together to bring a high-speed pursuit to a close in the early morning hours of March 25, 2017, with no injuries reported.

According to a Barron County Sheriff's Department activity log, on March 24, 2017, at approximately 11:00 PM, law enforcement conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver as Joshua Denetz of Frederic, WI. The log states that at around 11:11 PM, Denetz “ran”.

Officers initiated a search but were not able to immediately locate Denetz. Officers went to an address on 1st avenue at around midnight and then again around 1:30 AM. At 1:47 AM, a 911 call was received by Barron County Dispatch from a female stating that “the subject” was “back out at the residence” and apparently driving through her back yard.

The log continues stating that within minutes officers were on Highway 48, traveling eastbound towards the city of Rice Lake, WI in pursuit of Denetz at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour (mph).

Law enforcement placed spike strips on Highway 48 near Bargain Bills in Rice Lake to attempt to stop the vehicle. Denetz drove over the strips around 1:55 AM and the tires on his vehicle were damaged, resulting in the loss of one tire approximately a minute later, however, this did not stop the vehicle.

Denetz continued to flee traveling through the City of Rice Lake southbound on Main Street at speeds reaching 57 mph, before losing an additional tire, according to the log.

Denetz left Rice Lake by way of Highway SS, heading southbound towards the city of Cameron, WI at speeds of up to 90 mph.

Once in Cameron, WI, Denetz turned onto Highway 8 and headed eastbound towards Rusk County.

Rusk County Dispatch was advised at that time of the high-speed chase. Law enforcement continued the pursuit, with Denetz traveling up 80 mph once again, crossing the center line and driving in the wrong lane of traffic at times.

Shortly after 2 AM, Denetz crossed the Rusk County Line and continued on to the city of Weyerhauser, WI, where he slowed and officers were ultimately able to end the pursuit with a felony stop near North 1st Street and take Denetz into custody. Rusk County had EMS were on standby, however, their services were not required and Denetz was transported to the Barron County jail.

(Approximate route of pursuit)

Denetz faces possible criminal charges for 1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety – Utter Disregard for Human Life, a Class F Felony; Knowingly Flee an Officer; and Felony Bail Jump.

Public record shows that Denetz has an open criminal court case in Barron County. Barron County Circuit Court issued an arrest warrant for Denetz on 3/3/17, where he is charged with 2 Counts of Felony Forgery, filed on 2/3/17.

At the time of this post, Denetz remains in the custody of the Barron County Sheriff's Office.

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