BARRON COUNTY — The man accused of burglarizing the Closs residence following the kidnapping of Jayme Closs and the homicides of her parents, James and Denise Closs has been sentenced in Barron County Circuit Court.

Kyle T Jaenke-Annis was charged with Class F Felony Burglary of a Building-Dwelling following an incident in October 2018 in which he entered the residence of the Closs family without permission and took property belonging to Jayme Closs. reported on January 30, 2019 that a competency hearing had been held for Jaenke-Annis; at that hearing, the Court found that Jaenke-Annis was not competent at that time to stand trial on his criminal charges.

At a hearing on April 17, 2019, a hearing was held and at that time Jaenke-Annis was found to be competent.

Online circuit court records show that another hearing was held on May 3, 2019 regarding the charges against Jaenke-Annis of burglary of the Closs residence along with additional burglary charges filed in a separate Barron County Circuit Court case against Jaenke-Annis in August 2018. Details of that case are not known to at the time of this post.

According to online circuit court records, on May 3, 2019, Jaenke-Annis entered pleas of Guilty to his charge of burglary of the Closs residence along with a plea of guilty a reduced charge of misdemeanor theft for the August 2018 incident.

The Court ordered a withheld sentence with 2 years of probation for Jaenke-Annis on each of his convictions, to be served concurrently. Conditions of Jaenke-Annis’ probation require him to complete any and all evaluations, counseling, treatment and follow-up recommended by Probation Agent; maintain absolute sobriety; take medications prescribed to him and taken only in the amounts prescribed; and undergo a psychological assessment. Jaenke-Annis is also prohibited from having any contact with the victims on both of his cases. Jaenke-Annis received credit for 243 days of jail time confinement already served.

Last Update: Jun 27, 2019 3:06 pm CDT

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