Court Sentences 3rd Person Convicted In Burnett County Drug Bust Case

Shell Lake Woman Sentenced On Conviction For Burnett Drug Bust

Court Sentences 3rd Person Convicted In Burnett County Drug Bust Case

BURNETT COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a Shell Lake, WI woman, Kimberly Benjamin, on convictions for her involvement in a Burnett County drug bust that occurred in 2018 following a search warrant that was executed on a Siren, WI residence and resulted in criminal charges for 3 people.

DrydenWire reported in July 2018 that three people were facing charges following that search warrant: Kimberly Benjamin, of Shell Lake, WI; Dwight Kraemer, of Webster, WI; and John Blount, of Danbury, WI.

Charges were filed after a drug investigation conducted by the Siren Police Department and the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation. Throughout February 2018 a confidential informant conducted controlled buys of substances from Dwight Kraemer at his residence in Siren, WI. During the search warrant Officers located numerous other prescription pills, some packaged in separate baggies; methamphetamine; multiple items of drug paraphernalia, including pipes that tested positive for marijuana as well as multiple straws containing white residue; a glass plate with a line of white powder on it, and a cut straw nearby; five firearms, including a pistol and 2 long rifles, along with multiple boxes of ammunition.

Following Benjamin’s arrest, Officers located oxycontin pills on her person. Benjamin was charged with Class I Felony Possession of Narcotic Drugs, and Class I Felony Possession of Methamphetamine.

Online circuit court records show that Benjamin’s case was scheduled for a jury trial in 2019; the trial date was later moved to March 2021 and then to May 2021; however, Benjamin appeared for a hearing in Burnett County Circuit Court on April 26, 2021.

The Court accepted Benjamin’s plea of Guilty to a reduced charge of Misdemeanor Possession of Amphetamine. Benjamin also entered a plea of Guilty to 2 counts of Misdemeanor Bail Jumping that were filed against her in a separate Burnett County Circuit Court case filed in 2019. The remaining charges including possession of methamphetamine, possession of narcotic drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia were dismissed but read in for consideration at sentencing.

The Court ordered a withheld sentence for Benjamin, with 18 months of probation on each of her convictions, to be served concurrently. Conditions of probation will require Benjamin to complete an AODA assessment and follow through with all recommendations; undergo regular drug testing; and complete all programming required by DOC. If Benjamin pays her costs in full, tests negative for all illegal substances, maintains gainful employment, and is compliant with all conditions of probation, she may petition for discharge off of probation after 9-12 months.

Kraemer was charged with four counts of Class E Felony Delivery of Schedule I or II Narcotics (Hydrocodone), 1 count of Class E Felony Delivery of Schedule I or II Narcotics (Oxycodone), and 1 count of Class I Felony Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place. Online Circuit Court records show that at a hearing in July 2019, the Court accepted Kraemer’s plea of Guilty to two counts of Class E Felony Delivery of Schedule I or II Narcotics (Hydrocodone). The remaining charges against Kraemer were dismissed but read in. The Court ordered a withheld sentence for Kraemer, with 5 years of probation.

Blount was charged with Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. In October 2018, the Court accepted Blount’s plea of Guilty to his charge and ordered him to pay a fine of $330.50.

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