PRICE COUNTY -- The court has sentenced a man on a conviction of sexual assault of a child following his plea of No Contest in Price County Circuit Court.

DrydenWire reported on January 28, 2019, that Christopher Lepak was facing charges in Price County for sexual assault of a child.

Lepak was initially charged with Class C Felony Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child, and Class C Felony Sexual Assault of a Child Under Age 16. Online circuit court records show that charges of Class C Felony Use a Computer to Facilitate a Child Sex Crime; Class H Felony Child Abuse-Intentionally Cause Harm; Class D Felony Child Enticement-Sexual Contact; and Class H Felony Strangulation and Suffocation were later filed against Lepak as well.

The criminal complaint filed against Lepak alleged that in November 2017, Park Falls Police Officers located Christopher P. Lepak, then age 22, with a young teenage female inside a vehicle in an isolated area of Park Falls.

When Officers interviewed Lepak he allegedly admitted not only to knowing the age of the juvenile female but also to sending her sexually inappropriate messages. Lepak initially denied engaging in sexual activity with the female, saying that they were waiting to date until the female was 18.

Statements provided by the juvenile female during a follow-up interview with law enforcement alleged that Lepak knew that the female was under the age of legal consent; that he had met her online via social media; that Lepak had sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions between August 2017 and November 2017; and that he had also choked and hit her when she didn’t cooperate with his sexual requests.

Online circuit court records show that at a hearing in August 2020, Lepak entered pleas of Not Guilty to all the charges filed against him, however, at a hearing on January 26, 2021, Lepak entered a plea of No Contest to the charge of Class C Felony Sexual Assault of a Child Under Age 16.

The Court accepted Lepak’s plea and found him Guilty. The remaining charges against him were dismissed.

Lepak received a 10-year prison sentence, imposed and stayed, with 10 years of probation and 1 year of conditional jail time. If Lepak should be revoked from probation he will face 4 years of initial confinement in state prison followed by 6 years of extended supervision.

Conditions of probation will prohibit Lepak from having any unsupervised visitation with any persons under the age of 18 and require him to register with the sex offender registry for life. Lepak is also ordered to comply with Department Of Corrections sex offender supervision rules. The Court granted Huber privileges during Lepak’s conditional jail time.

Last Update: Jan 28, 2021 9:49 am CST

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