WASHBURN COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a Shell Lake, WI man on multiple criminal convictions for charges that were filed against him in several court cases following numerous investigations by the Shell Lake Police Department, Spooner Police Department, Washburn County Sheriff’s Office, and Washburn County Department of Health and Human Services.

DrydenWire previously reported in May 2020, that Terry A. Leckel, III, of Shell Lake, WI, was facing multiple criminal charges including Class C Felony Armed Robbery, Class E Felony Armed Burglary, Class I Felony Substantial Battery; Class H Felony Concealing a Stolen Firearm; Class G Felony 3rd Degree Sexual Assault; and Class H Felony Bail Jumping.

The charges were filed following various investigations by the authorities which led them to Leckel, III. Charges were filed in May 2020 against Leckel, III for a home invasion incident that occurred in Spooner, WI in October 2019 and for which Leckel, III admitted to being a ‘getaway driver'.

Another criminal case was filed against Leckel, III charging him for possession of a stolen firearm which was located in his bedroom.

Criminal charges were also filed against Leckel, III for sexual assault from an incident occuring in the autumn of 2019. Leckel, III was also charged for violating his bail bond conditions during the Safer At Home Order in the spring of 2020 when he was found at a park in the City of Spooner with a juvenile female.

Leckel, III appeared numerous times in Washburn County Circuit Court regarding the charges against him, and on January 6, 2021, following the filing of a complaint against him for a charge of Misdemeanor Intimidate Victim/Dissuade Reporting, the Court placed Leckel, III on a cash bond of $5,000. Although details of that complaint are not known to DrydenWire, online records indicate that Leckel, III has remained in custody since that hearing.

A hearing was held in April 2021 at which Leckel, III entered pleas of Guilty to charges of Misdemeanor Receiving Stolen Property (reduced from Class H Felony Concealing a Stolen Firearm); Misdemeanor Bail Jumping (reduced from Felony Bail Jumping); Misdemeanor Theft and Misdemeanor Battery (reduced from Class E Felony Armed Burglary & Class I Felony Substantial Battery); Class G Felony 3rd Degree Sexual Assault; Misdemeanor 4th Degree Sexual Assault; and Misdemeanor Intimidate Victim/Dissuade Reporting. The remaining charges against Leckel, III were dismissed and read-in.

Earlier this month, Leckel, III appeared before the Court to be sentenced. The Court ordered Leckel, III to serve a total of 16 months in jail to be followed by 4 years of probation.

Conditions of probation will require Leckel, III to undergo a psychological evaluation as well as an alcohol and other drug assessment and treatment and anything else recommended by the Department Of Corrections.

Leckel was also ordered to pay over $2,500 in costs and fees according to online court records.

Last Update: Jun 17, 2021 11:11 am CDT

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