WASHBURN COUNTY -- A Spooner man has been sentenced on drug charges stemming from a drug bust in August 2016.

Three men have now been sentenced on their drug charges stemming from a drug bust in August 2016 when law enforcement located numerous marijuana plants, methamphetamine, and dozens of items of drug paraphernalia.

DrydenWire.com reported previously that three men were facing drug charges following the execution of a search warrant in August 2016.

Jacob Hanson

Jason Hanson

Brian Hanson

Jacob Hanson was sentenced at a hearing on December 6, 2018 after a plea deal was reached by the State and defense counsel. Jacob was scheduled to have a Jury Trial on his charges, however, online circuit court records indicate that a plea deal was reached instead and Jacob entered a plea of guilty to his charge of Class I Felony Possession of Methamphetamine. In addition, Jacob plead guilty to charges of Misdemeanor Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription, and Misdemeanor Possess Amphetamine/LSD/Psilocin. Jacob also plead No Contest to a charge of Possess Drug Paraphernalia on October 4, 2017 stemming from the same case.

A criminal complaint filed against Jacob states that when law enforcement executed a search warrant at the residence on Green Valley Road they found over a dozen marijuana plants growing on the property, methamphetamine, and dozens of items of drug paraphernalia throughout the residence including pipes for smoking methamphetamine and marijuana, syringes, and a bong.

According to online circuit court records, when Jacob appeared on December 6, 2018, he plead guilty to his charges. The Court accepted a Deferred Judgement of Conviction Agreement for Jacob’s convictions. Although details of Jacob’s deferred agreement requirements are not known to DrydenWire.com at the time of this post, the Court did order Jacob to pay several hundred dollars in costs and also ordered 2 years of probation for Jacob. Conditions of Jacob’s probation require him to complete an Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and comply with follow-up.

Brian Hanson was previously sentenced to 1 year of probation with 5 days of conditional jail time on his conviction for  Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana. The Court ordered an Imposed and Stayed sentenced of 6 years for Jason Hanson with 3 years of probation. If Jason’s probation is revoked he could be ordered to serve 3 years of initial confinement in prison followed by 3 years of extended supervision.

Last Update: Dec 18, 2018 9:11 am CST

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