COVID-19 Cases On The Rise

'The number of positive cases skyrocketed to 464 in the past week from just 127 positive cases two weeks ago.'

COVID-19 Cases On The Rise

BARRON COUNTY -- COVID-19 cases in Barron County are on the rise again. The number of positive cases skyrocketed to 464 in the past week from just 127 positive cases two weeks ago. Hospitals in the area are being overwhelmed. Over the past two months, Barron County has averaged three COVID-19 deaths per week.

“We are seeing a huge spike in cases, said Laura Sauve, Health Officer for Barron County. “We need the community to step up and help slow the spread to make sure our hospitals are available to those who need it.”

Public Health and its partners are asking everyone to protect their health and our medical systems by:

  • Getting vaccinated. Go to vaccines.gov to find a vaccine near you. Get your boosters as soon as you are able. Booster doses of the vaccine are recommended for everyone ages 12 and older. If you had Pfizer or Moderna vaccines you can get your booster 5 months after your second dose. If you got the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine, you can get a booster dose 2 months after your first dose.
  • Wearing a mask indoors. With such high spread in Barron County, everyone, including people who are vaccinated or who had COVID in the past, should wear a well-fitting mask indoors. Please use a surgical mask, KN95 mask, or a multi-layer cloth mask that uses a filter layer if possible.
  • Avoiding group settings when possible. While we have very high spread, limit your contact with others when possible. Order takeout food instead of eating in restaurants, order groceries and supplies online and pick up curbside, participate in activities virtually (school sports, religious services, meetings, etc).
  • Staying home when you have ANY signs of illness. COVID-19 often starts like a mild cold or allergies. This is when you are most able to spread the illness. It is very important to stay home when you are experiencing any symptoms.

Vaccination continues to be the best way to protect yourself from hospitalization and death. Free COVID vaccines and booster doses are available at Public Health on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Walk-ins are welcome from 8:30-11:00 am and 1:00 to 4:00pm.

Public Health is located in the Barron County Government Center, 335 E. Monroe Avenue, in Barron.

For children ages 5 to 11, please schedule a vaccine appointment by visiting www.barroncountywi.gov.

Last Update: Jan 10, 2022 2:53 pm CST

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