Credit Card Skimmers continue to make their way into our region.  

In late September, skimmers were found at 15 Madison gas stations.

The Eau Claire Police Department recently put out a news release stating: "Over the last month the Eau Claire Police Department has received reports of fraudulent activity involving credit cards and debit cards. The fraudulent activity is described as the use of "skimmer" that are installed in ATM machines and gas pumps. The skimmers resulted in compromised credit/debit cards with fraudulent transactions"

Just north of Eau Claire, the Chippewa Falls Police Department put out an announcement today stating that they are also noticing cities around Chippewa Falls reporting the card skimmers being placed on ATM machines.

When we spoke with an investigator for the Chippewa Falls PD, he stated that the trend seems to be that they are moving north, but there is no telling how far north they will continue.   

In an effort to keep citizens educated on skimmers, the CFPD posted on their facebook page the following...

There are several types of card skimmers, but the ones being placed on ATM’s slide over the card slot like a sleeve. A camera is either attached to the machine, which records the customer entering their PIN number or a fake keypad is placed on the machine. (See pictures below).

Before you place your card into an ATM take a quick look at it and pull on the card slot. If you notice anything suspicious or loose notify the bank and your local law enforcement agency immediately. And always cover the pad when entering your PIN.

The information acquired is put on fake credit cards but they don’t always work. Cashiers and customers in line need to remain vigilant. If someone is seen swiping several cards, which show insufficient funds, SAY SOMETHING! Call a manager and check to see if the cards being used have the individuals name on it. If you are in line, get a description of the person, the vehicle, and/or plate. If things are not adding up call your local law enforcement agency.

The Spooner and Shell Lake Police Department's, as well as the Washburn County Sheriff's Office, tell that they are very aware of this issue, but so far have not had any reports of this in our community.

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