As more and more families move into rural communities, additional volunteers are necessary to meet the need for increased service. These volunteers are custodians, deputies, office workers, foresters, social workers, salesmen, housewives, students, farmers, and the list continues... They are men and women who are dedicated to helping their neighbors and improving the safety of their community. There is a critical need for volunteer firefighters and first responders in Barron County.

The need is not only for those willing to become trained firefighters, rescuers, and emergency medical personnel; volunteers are also needed to assist with the day-to-day operations of a department such as office duties, maintenance of buildings and vehicles, food preparation during emergencies, and other assignments.

Remember, being involved with emergency services in your community is neighbor helping neighbor. Please contact your local department to volunteer!

Mike Judy

Director of Emergency Services

Barron County Sheriff’s Department

The Emergency Services of Barron County Logo was created to represent several local attributes, each one having a specific meaning: 

  • “Emergency Services” Top Banner to identify who we are 
  • “of Barron County” Bottom Banner to identify the county we serve
  • Blue/Gold Color to represent the blue and gold of the Wisconsin State flag 
  • Gold Wheat Stems to represent the farming industry in Barron County
  • Circle of 25 Gold Stars to represent every township we serve in Barron County
  • Interlocking Green Leaves to represent the leaves of the Wood Violet (Wisconsin State Flower)
  • Blue Star of Life with Cardiac Rhythm to represent our medical profession
  • Three Gold Stars (above the Star of Life) to represent the three disciplines (Police, Fire, EMS) that we support. 

We also have our new website up and running! Please visit us at

Last Update: May 11, 2018 9:00 am CDT

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