SHELL LAKE, WI — Washburn County Board 1st Vice Chair, Dave Wilson (District 11), has assumed the role of Washburn County Board Chair following the unexpected death of Tom Mackie.

According to the Rules of Order of the Washburn County Board of Supervisors, in the event of a Board Chair vacancy, the County’s 1st Vice Chair would assume the role of Board Chair for the remainder of the term. In this case, in the Spring of 2024. Wilson had held the position of 1st Vice Chair for 3 years.

To replace Wilson’s position as 1st Vice Chair, the Rules of Order of the Washburn County Board of Supervisors dictate that the 2nd Vice Chair position will assume that role. Therefore, Linda Featherly (District 2) has now become the 1st Vice Chair.

There will be an election by the County Board Supervisors during their monthly meeting — which is scheduled later this month — to determine who will fill the vacancy for the 2nd Vice Chair position.

The Board Chair, 1st Vice Chair, and 2nd Vice Chair will all be elected on by the County Board as a whole following next year’s spring election cycle.

Due to his new role with the County, Wilson, who has been a County Board Supervisor for over a decade, will no longer have the multiple other committee roles and responsibilities he previously had as 1st Vice Chair, including Personnel; Finance; Health and Human Services; Veterans; and Washburn County Economic Development Corporation (Sub-Committee).

Wilson will, however, remain on the Executive Committee and the Industrial Development Agency Committee which he would be required to be on anyway due to now being Board Chair.

Appointments for Wilsons’s now-vacant committee positions will be determined in the coming weeks.

Last Update: Mar 09, 2023 6:46 pm CST

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