Diane Dryden has just released the third novel in her Chicago series of books. The first book, The Accidental King of Clark Street, and the second book, Double or Nothing on Foster Avenue covered the north-side, and mid-Chicago locations and her new release, Scott Free in Chinatown covers the south-side of the city exposing the dirty underbelly of a popular tourist destination.

The unique aspect of all of her books are the surprise endings that come with each one and readers are strongly advised NOT to read the last chapter first.

Scott Free in Chinatown

The third and latest book, Scott Free in Chinatown, explores the dirty underbelly of an area of the city that attracts thousands of tourists each year, none of whom have a clue as to the intrigue and corruption going on around them.

Although many people live their lives happily tied with a bow of complacency and routine, for some, that bow starts to unravel; and circumstances get out of hand. These very circumstances take them places they never thought they would go, surrounded by strangers they'd never thought they'd meet.

"This is my favorite book so far," says Diane...

"There are nine story lines going on at the same time, and I love all the people...okay, not all the people...that found a home in the manuscript. Writing is a strange thing with characters coming and going throughout the book, with or without the author's permission, adding their unique perspectives to the plot. Scott Free is full of new beginnings, intrigue, deceit, and questionable motives."

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Diane Dryden started her fifteen year career as a features writer for the Washburn County Register. She's also written for assorted newspapers and national magazines. She already has her next book written in her head. Diane grew up twenty minutes from downtown Chicago and worked in the optical industry throughout the city as a district supervisor for Lee Optical. Diane is currently a features writer for DrydenWire.com

Books are available from Amazon and locally from Northwind Book and Fiber in Spooner. The bookstore is offering the best price.

You can visit her website at www.dianedryden.com or her facebook page at facebook./com/authordianedryden.

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